2007 Sunset Creek 298BH travel trailer

We Bought an RV Travel Trailer and Here’s Why…

Do you ever get a wild hair and decide to do something outside your normal realm of things? I do it quite often honestly.

In addition to a nonstop stream of thoughts pouring through my head thanks to my anxiety, I also have an onslaught of crazy ideas.

Colby at Marietas Islands

My poor husband.

Last summer, I decided I wanted to buy an RV trailer.

This isn’t too out of the ordinary for me though. Before we decided to build our house, we tossed around the idea of buying an RV and full-timing.

Part of me really wishes we had done that.

But, my mom’s cancer had returned and our oldest was in college near our house. So, it was best for us to stay close.

Fortunately, we didn’t.

My mom passed away just five months after our house was finished.

In hindsight, we made the right decision.

Texas Tulips photos

Our middles are teenagers now and actively involved at church. Jaden, 16, has a good job that she’s been at for almost a year.

Our adult children ended up building a house just a couple streets over from us.

And, of course, there’s our granddaughter. I couldn’t imagine being very far from her.

But the desire to be on the road in an RV hasn’t left me.

Growing up, we would take an RV road trip every other year.

RV road trip to Grand Canyon in 80s

10 states in 10 days; while pulling a pop-up camper.

I relish those memories.

I desperately want to create those types of memories with my children. My grandchildren.

So, I talked Colby into buying an

RV travel trailer.

We Bought an RV Travel Trailer

A 33’ bunkhouse trailer to be exact.

The bunkhouse was important because it gave us room for (most of) our family. All nine of us could technically sleep in it.

It slept 10.

Notice I say “could.”

Past tense.

Now, it sleeps eight.

2007 Sunset Creek 298BH main area

Colby and I gutted the slide out and eliminated two sleeping spots by taking out the dinette.

If you’ve seen most trailer dinettes, you would understand why. They’re big, bulky and just not aesthetically pleasing.

So, I took it out.

2007 Sunset Creek 298BH pantry and dinette

My dad thought I’d lost my mind when I started ripping everything out, but once he saw it I think he understood.

After all, those woodwork, design, and other such handy hobbies come from him.

We’ve asked his advice on the project along the way; but he’s taught us enough over the years that we’ve been able to do most of it on our own.

In fact, it’s been quite the learning process.

Lots of reading, watching videos , and pure trial and error.

But, it’s truly a great way to learn about our particular trailer. We know every in-and-out of her!

2007 Sunset Creek 298BH bathroom

And now, months later, we’re almost done with the renovation project.

Money, weather and time have made the process slow, but it’s all coming together.

It’s only taken us about 29 days; 94 hours so far, but that’s been over several months. And it’s not that I’m counting really. Just keeping up for prosperity’s sake.

I track the hours we work each day along with what was accomplished in those hours.

Can I be honest? I knew it was going to be a lot of painting since I hated everything about the original colors, but it ended up being SO MUCH PAINTING.

2007 Sunset Creek 298BH kitchen

Like, I’m so sick of paint right now. Just done with it.

Or, at least I wish I could be done with it. We’re still doing touch up painting and some various small decor projects that require paint and/or stain.

I’m seriously over the painting part of the project, Y’all.

But, having said that, we are finally starting to see things come together and it’s looking so good!

2007 Sunset Creek 298BH dinette bench reno

Sure, I might be biased, but the transformation has been long and we’re ready to get to the next part of this thing.

We still have the exterior to deal with, but we’re getting there.

Of course, the most anticipated part is decorating!

After that, we’ll be taking her out on the road for her maiden voyage. We can’t wait!

Until then, it’s back to painting, hanging, learning, and working. We’re almost to the finish line.

Watch this space for more about our DIY projects on the travel trailer, as well as the final reveal!

see her finished look!

RV Travel Trailer Remodel __ Before and After
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