Weekend Bathroom Makeover for Less than $150

On the rare occasion that Colby and I sit down to watch TV, we are typically tuned into a DIY show. We love the idea of remodeling, refreshing and simply re-doing anything.

This summer we transformed our playroom into a classroom and even refinished several pieces of furniture.

This only spawned more ideas and the urge to redo every room in the house!

Weekend Bathroom Makeover for Less than $150

Weekend Bathroom Makeover

While painting one of the desks for our classroom, Colby decided he really loved the color we were using. When we went back to The Home Depot to grab a few more supplies, we also picked up a gallon of the paint for “later use“.

Well, “later” finally happened one random weekend recently. We thought the weather was perfect, we had the time, and we were definitely motivated to get it done.

powder room makeover toilet paper basket

Another trip to The Home Depot and we gathered the rest of the supplies we needed for our weekend bathroom project… all for under $150.

Thanks to everyday low prices and a fabulous clearance section, we had everything we needed to create the perfect bathroom oasis! BEHR® Premium Plus Bengal Blue paint was the perfect backdrop for that oasis.

The warm light blue helps to convey the tranquil feeling we were looking for.

DIY powder bathroom makeover

Our haul from The Home Depot consisted of painting supplies (rollers, tray, painters tape, drop cloth, toilet paper roll holder, patch kit and paint brush), as well as a new light fixture, bulbs, door handle, and toilet seat.

Plus, we already had a mirror we found last month along with a picture I impulsively bought when shopping for our daughter’s wedding.

This project was obviously long overdue! We have been gathering things for it for months, Y’all!

DIY powder bathroom makeover new mirror

Getting started was tedious only because I was so anxious to see it finished. We had a few areas that needed to be patched first and waiting for the mud to dry seemed to take forever.

Once it was done, Colby and I both squeezed into the small half bathroom to get the painting done. We took turns rolling and cutting in to get it done quickly.

bathroom makeover light fixture

After a few hours in the small space, we had both coats on the walls and were ready to add our final touches.

First, the light fixture.

While at The Home Depot we found a great fixture on the clearance shelf. It was quite accidental but ended up being a large focal point. The cone shape and silver finish were inspirations for our other choices in the bathroom.

bathroom makeover details

Not to mention, the plated hue of the fixture against the warm blue of the walls were reminiscent of the silver and turquoise jewelry my Juelita used to wear when I was a child.

Being able to incorporate my heritage into as many areas of the home as possible is important.

Teaching my children to understand my culture, as well as their father’s, is paramount in helping them know where they came from.

bathroom makeover toilet paper holder

Once the paint dried and lights were hung we were able to add the finishing touches. To begin with, a new toilet seat gave the entire toilet a cleaner, fresher look.

Plus, it featured a no-slam lid perfect for the little fingers in the house.

Next, considering the old toilet paper holder was ripped from the wall somehow, Colby hung the new one after changing out the toilet seat. Already things were looking considerably nicer in the restroom!

powder room makeover decor

In an effort to really enhance the small space, we wanted to add a few design touches but keep them simple and minimal. I didn’t want the cluttered look and simplicity is becoming one of my favorite things.

Therefore, two gray-washed wall shelves were hung to hold a bit of greenery and two pieces of art. One was a framed quote that was given to me and seemed to perfectly match the new mirror.

The other was the fun piece we bought months ago in preparation for this very moment.

Both relayed messages that resonate firmly with our beliefs and family values.

powder room makeover decor

To come full circle with the refreshed look, Colby changed out the door handle. The silver finish better accompanied the new fixtures, and the round shape worked well on the door.

Basically, the last door handle was lever-shaped and, with a left-handed application, seemed to confuse most of us and our guests. This round-shaped handle was meant to make things easier as well.

So far, so good!

bathroom door handle refresh

Once everything was installed and put together, we spent less than $150 and it only took the weekend to complete. Had it not been for waiting on the mud to dry, we most likely could have completed the project all on one day.

No worries though, it looks amazing and we are excited about the next project. This powder room was so fun to do that I already have big plans for all the other rooms in the house!

My dad, an amazing craftsman just like my Abuelo, instilled a love in me for DIY projects, therefore he still inspires me to want to do more projects such as this one.

The Home Depot Project Color app

After playing with The Home Depot Project Color app, I am sure I have my color picked out. The app makes it easy to see what the color will look like on the walls with your furniture.

Plus, it’s just fun to use! And, BEHR Interior Matte paint is now $23.97 with an extra $2 Off at The Home Depot, so I can look forward to saving on our next project.

What DIY project have you completed recently… or will you begin soon?