DIY Outdoor Serving Station #DIHWorkshops

Build DIY Outdoor Serving Station at The Home Depot Do-It-Herself Workshops

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Do you find yourself doing lots of outdoor entertaining in the summer? Want to take on a fun DIY project that you can show off to your friends? Do-It-Herself Workshops held monthly at The Home Depot empower women with the skills and knowledge to take their home improvement project plans from dreams to done. Attend one. Build a project. Show it off.

DIY Outdoor Serving Station

Do-It-Herself Workshops

The Home Depot wants everyone, this includes you and I, to have the skills and confidence to be a first class do-it-yourselfer. If you have the desire to learn and time to attend, these in-store workshops are a great way to get started! Each class offers step-by-step instructions and hands on experience learning to do things from simple décor projects to easy home improvements. For example, this month you can learn to make this fabulous Outdoor Serving Station.

The Home Depot Outdoor Serving Station

Outdoor Serving Station

Create an outdoor serving station that your guests are sure to marvel over. Then let them know you made it… all by yourself. Well, with a little help from the Do-It-Herself Workshops at The Home Depot. It’s a perfect way to invite your friends to join you at the next one; giving you another valid excuse to learn to make another project. Each project can build your confidence with tools and to fine tune your DIY skills. Now let’s build this serving station!

DIY outdoor serving station supplies


  • 2′ X 2′ X ¾” project panel
  • 10′ long, 1″ X 6″ pine board
  • nailer with 1¼” nails
  • wood glue
  • paint or stain
  • (4) ⅝” screws
  • 2″ hook & eye kit
  • 5′ jack chain and pliers
  • 2-pack of 3″ utility hinges
  • (4) 3″ deck screws
  • (2) 3″ corner braces

In addition to the supplies above, you will also need a circular saw, level, drill with driving bits, safety goggles, tape measure, pencil, paint brush and gloves. Once you have all of the materials, you are ready to begin building your outdoor serving station.

cut boards for serving station

Begin by cutting each of the boards and project panel into the lengths needed for the project. Using the circular saw, cut the 1″ X 6″ into the following lengths:

  • (2) 18¾”
  • (2) 22½”
  • (1) 17¼”
  • (1) 10⅞”

The project panel needs to be 2′ X 18″ rectangle as you prepare to assemble the box. The 22½” will be the top and bottom, whereas the 18¾” pieces will be the sides. Make sure that the pieces fit together and that the measurements are 24″ X 18″ to match the project panel. Once checked, carefully glue and nail each corner together.

check measurement of boards

Once the outside of the box is assembled, it is then time to add the inner shelf and divider. Find the center of the box by measuring 12″ across both the top and bottom.

measure the center of the box top

Insert the 17¼” board into the center of the box then glue and nail it into place.

use wood glue to assemble box

Next, measure the outside length of the box to find the center at 9⅜”. Center the 10⅞” board to create the inner shelf. Secure it with wood glue and nails to finish the box assembly. We chose to stain our project but you could also paint.

use nailer to assemble wood box

With the box complete, the folding top is ready to be installed. Using the 3″ utility hinges and with the box standing upright, attach the 2′ X 18″ rectangle project panel to the front of the box. This will become the folding table for your serving station.

affix jack chain using screws

Complete the attachment of the drop-down table using the 5′ jack chain as support. Cut the chain in half and measure back 2″ and in 1″. Use the ⅝” screws to attach the chain by drilling the screw directly through the loops in the chain. Stretch one side of the chain upward nice and taut, then attach the opposite end to the inside of the box in a similar fashion. Repeat on the other side.

attach hook and eye kit serving station

Affix the hook and eye kit to the upper outside of the box and the corner braces to the inside top two corners to finish the serving station. Use deck screws to mount it to the wall. Use caution when stocking the serving station to ensure it will hold. Look for a stud when hanging directly on the wall or hang it on another string structure.

corner braces for hanging outdoor serving station

You’re now ready to invite family and friends over to show off your newly created DIY project!

outdoor serving station with table

Ready to create more? Clear your calendar and grab your girlfriends the third Thursday of each month for The Home Depot’s DIH Workshop. Register online today to attend this month’s workshop.