How a Cruise Builds Family Bonds

How a Cruise Builds Family Bonds

When we sit down each year to plan our annual family vacation, we look for ideas that will further strengthen our family bonds. One of our favorite family vacations is a family cruise.

Packing Tips Cruise Travel

10 Packing Tips for Cruise Ship Travel

Colby and I recently took our family — all 8 of us — on a cruise. It was fabulous. But, I have to say, packing for 8 people on a 7-day cruise was a bit stressful. Especially since we had never been on a cruise ship for an extended amount … Read more

on the beach

Going on a Cruise? Planning Ahead is Key

Are you planning on taking a cruise soon? Have you thought about how much preparation needs to go into packing for a ship? Planning ahead is key in many areas of the packing process. And if you’re going to be spending any amount of time in the sun, sunscreen is … Read more

Carnival Magic

Family Fun Aboard Carnival Magic

When I originally thought about cruising, I had no idea how much there was to do aboard the ship. I mean, I had seen commercials and read the information, but it just was not real until we stepped aboard the Carnival Magic for 7 days that it all made sense. … Read more