Why a Cruise Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

Why a Cruise Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

I was talking to a friend this past weekend about our recent Carnival Cruise and was surprised to hear her reasoning for not taking a cruise.

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She said, “I heard the cabins are really small.”

Why a Cruise Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

Reasons to Cruise

Although I kind of get it, I also feel like the cabins have plenty of room to serve their purpose while you’re on board.

  1. There are beds for sleeping.
  2. A place to store your stuff.
  3. A private bathroom.

The rest of the time, we’re off having too much fun on various levels of the deck and aren’t in our cabin much at all.

I did my best to explain this to her, as well as give her more reasons why a cruise should be on your travel bucket list.

family-friendly activities on Carnival Cruise


As you start planning your vacation, you no doubt watch as the price tag grows with every added essential. There are transportation fees, hotel rates, activity add-ons, and, of course, meals.

When you purchase a Carnival Cruise, (almost) all of that is included in your budget-friendly cruise rate.

From all the food you can eat—including room service—to onboard entertainment, amenities, as well as your stateroom, it’s all included.

The only additional costs you’ll incur are based on shore excursions you may choose to take, specialty dining on board, spa services, and beverage packages. These are all options you can budget for as you see fit.

Cozumel Mexico

Multiple Destinations

Not to mention, included in that low per-person cruise rate is the opportunity to visit several locations during one cruise.

Based on your cruise, you could visit two to ten different ports—without hotel hopping. Unpack once and enjoy the ride.


One of the reasons we enjoy taking a cruise is because there’s something for everyone onboard. Carnival Cruise offers a variety of shows and games that are designed to fit all ages.

From WaterWorks for the kids to Club O2 for teens and the Serenity Adult Only Retreat for those over 21, there’s plenty to do!

Truly Unplug

Perhaps one of the best parts of taking a cruise is the ability to truly unplug. There are no cell towers at sea, so, unless you purchase a WiFi package, you can completely disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with yourself.

As you can see, there’s more to cruising than the size of the cabin. I guess it’s all about perspective. For us, we don’t spend a lot of time in our staterooms, so it’s not something we consider when choosing to cruise.

Carnival Cruise Balcony Stateroom

We believe a cruise should be on your travel bucket list based on the memories you can make onboard — outside your cabin.

Learn more about Carnival and all they offer at carnival.com