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As a mother of five, I’ve always looked for ways to keep things easy, fun, and manageable.

Together with my husband, Colby, of over 25 years, I live in Dallas, TX. Our oldest daughter is grown and flown, with 2 kids of her own, and our youngest four are still at home.

Colby and I have been blogging side-by-side since he left the corporate world about 7 years ago. Plus, we’ve homeschooled our children for 18 years.

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My Why

I created this blog all those years ago in order to have a place to share our stories of living on a shoestring budget with a family of six, then seven.

As we’ve grown over the years, so has the blog.

You’ll continue to read stories about our family, as well as places we’ve traveled, cars we’ve driven, our favorite DIY projects, and more.

Most recently, you’ll find several updates on our youngest granddaughter, Avery, as she battles Leukemia, for the second time in her short life.

pieces of our real life
  • Avery: As I mentioned above, she is our sole focus most days as we do our best to help her fight Leukemia before she even turns one. Her big sister is also a family favorite.
  • Grief: After losing my mom to Lymphoma in August 2017, I began a grief journey that truly shed light on a lot of things for me.
  • Parenting: You may agree that being a mom can be the most rewarding, yet most challenging job there is. I write about it when I can.
  • Marriage: My husband and I have been through some things after almost 30 years together, but, through it all, we’ve made it to the other side and he’s my very best friend (and one of my favorite topics).
  • Home: We built our house in 2017 and designed it to be as close to prefect for us as we could at the time. We absolutely love it; but also enjoying adding more of our own touches that I like to share.
  • Travel: I never know how much I enjoyed traveling until I started blogging. We even bought an RV travel trailer, and renovated it, so we could travel more!
some of my favorite highlights

Blogging has also thrown some amazing opportunities my way. These are some of my favorite highlights

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