Out With the Old, in With the New

Eight years. That’s how long I’ve written under the name “7 on a Shoestring.”

But, it’s time for a change. A big one really. My kids are not happy with me, but I have to do it.

It’s time.

Some of you may have even noticed that last year, I changed the name of my blog. “Our Family Lifestyle” seemed to better explain what goes on around here than 7 on a shoestring.

In fact, we haven’t really fallen under the description of that name in years.

I still remember talking to an old high school friend on the phone in the kitchen while making a sandwich when I came up with it.

Chey and Nic wedding Aug 2015

I was simply brainstorming out loud and going through different variations of a couple of phrases when that name came up. It just kind of sounded right and it stuck.

Later that evening at dinner, I asked Colby and the kids what they thought. Everyone talked it over and we decided that was the name.

The next day I bought the domain, grabbed all the social handles, and we began our journey as “7 on a Shoestring.”

Alas, we’ve outgrown it in a number of ways. Eight years ago we were a “family of seven living on a shoestring budget.” That’s literally what the name meant.

BFFs Chey and Wyatt

Now, our family has grown and so have our circumstances: all thanks to the blog!

We only have five of us left at home as our older two are now adults and living their life… two blocks over!

Plus, our oldest daughter is now married, graduated from college, and expecting our first grandbaby at the end of this month!

Speaking of babies, our youngest was just a baby when we started this incredible journey.

Although I was blogging well before she came, she was one of the reasons we needed to change.

Our original blog name started with the number six ! I think it’s best we move on from here without numbers.

Our family” seems to encompass us all much better. Besides, we never know how big we’ll grow. We still have more in-laws to go, hopefully, many more grandkids, and, eventually, foster children… that could become adopted children.

We have tons of plans. A big family is definitely our end goal! We love the life we lead and love the idea of growing our little village; however that may be.

Therefore, for those who have been on this journey with us for a while, you won’t notice too many changes. It’s mostly behind-the-scenes, but new still the same.

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Jaci, our 13-year-old, has fought with this change the most.

She doesn’t like the idea of taking on a new persona when we’ve held on to the other one for so long. She is also my biggest fan and the only one that still reads the blog regularly.

So, I do value her opinion. 

I assured her I grabbed the 7onashoestring handles on IG and Twitter, at least. Promised her I’ll hold onto the domain. It’s just the technicalities that are changing.

handmade wooden signs for nursery

I’m not changing. My voice remains the same. We’ve simply outgrown the other one and the time has come. 

So… out with the old, in with the new.