Crazy Things I've Talked My Husband into Doing

Crazy Things I’ve Talked My Husband into Doing

Colby and I have been together for a long time. Well, long time to me. In fact, over half my life. This June we will celebrate 27 years since our first kiss. The day we started dating.

In September, we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. So, again, a long time. Over a quarter of a century–because that makes it sound even longer!

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Crazy Things I've Talked My Husband into Doing

Things I’ve Talked My Husband into Doing

And recently I noticed something. Y’all, I can talk my husband into almost anything. Seriously. We’ve done some pretty crazy things over the years, and 8 times out of 10, they were my idea.

I somehow convinced Colby it was a good idea and we should do it.

How many of you are with me on this?

I can’t be the only one. Yes, I may have a strong personality. Colby also tells me I’m quite the wordsmith. I can intimidate him with nothing more than the words coming out of my mouth sometimes.

Not by putting the fear of Satan in him, just by using the right words that seem to make him feel like saying, “Yes,” is the best option. Besides that, we can only think of less than a handful of times when I’ve actually lost an argument.

Now, I believe there’s never a loser or winner, but, let’s just say that I normally get my way.

Spoiled? Yes. That too. I know it and, well, it’s just how it is.

23 years with this man

Nevertheless, let’s get down to the evidence at hand. The things that I have talked my husband into doing.

I should probably start with dating me. It was all me. I was the one who yelled out to get his attention one day while he walking home from school. I threw the note in his locker with my number on it.

I showed up at his house every day. I was the one that said, after the first kiss, that I was going to marry him one day.

Speaking of marriage, he surprised me on that one. It was actually his idea.

Then came the kids. Now, we talked about (most) of them prior to conception. So, that was pretty much a mutual thing.

But when it came to homeschooling. That, again, was all me. 23+ years ago, before I even got pregnant with our oldest, I told Colby I wanted to homeschool.

There was no Google, no Facebook groups, nowhere for me to turn for information. But I was determined. My family and friends all thought I was crazy.

Colby supported every decision. We are currently two months away from finishing up our 15th year of homeschooling our children.

Our Family Christmas 2017

Beyond those sorts of things though, let me see if I can make a list of the big things that end up being life-altering somehow:

  • Coming to church – I invited him to church to see our kids perform and it was his (eventual) relationship with Christ that lead to the next item on my list
  • Giving our marriage a second chance after separation – After a lot of prayer and willingness on both parts, he agreed to moving back home and giving it another go. (That was over 16 years ago)
  • 10 Year Vow Renewal – With the birth of our first baby after reconciling, it felt like it was time to redo our vows. He agreed.
  • Remodeling a small home we lived in – With the new baby, we outgrew our small home very quickly. So, I talked him into a gutting our garage and adding two more rooms.
  • Letting me open an online scrapbook store – Although this was not one of my best ideas, it lead me to the possibilities of earning an income online to where we are today.
  • Switching careers and getting a P&C License – He was job hopping after a bad situation with a so-called friend, so I thought he needed a career. It lasted until he came home to blog.
  • Hosting youth small groups at our house – We still keep in touch with many of these kids and, not only did we impress on them, but they became such an important part of our family.
  • Moving to a different city – I felt as though the city we were in was toxic and we needed to get out. I launched a full on search for a house and found one within a couple weeks.
  • Letting our oldest daughter date the boy that became the man she married – We had adamant rules about dating, but this one seemed right. They will be married 3 years in August.
  • Camel racing – This was probably my worst idea. We were asked if we wanted to do this on a FAM Media Trip and I convinced him everyone else would be doing it. Wouldn’t do it again.
  • Blogging – When he was laid off from his job, I got out of bed, bought him a domain, and set up his blog. That was over 5½ years ago. I absolutely love having him work alongside me.
  • Fostering to adopt – Before buying our house, as mentioned below, we talked about possibly living in an RV full-time. Then, I decided I wanted to foster to adopt. Again, he said yes. So…
  • Buying our house – Once I gave up the dream of RV life, we decided on building a house where we could foster to adopt. We need the room and stability in order to qualify to foster.
  • Tattoo – After losing my mom, I really wanted a tattoo to memorialize her. But, I had a tattoo for Reagan picked out for a while, and asked him to get it with me. We love them!
  • Letting our adult children move back home – Family became everything even more so after losing my mom. Therefore, moving them back home made sense so they could save for their home they’re building just two streets over from us.
  • Refreshing our brand new kitchen to a farmhouse style – I pitched The Home Depot without him knowing and then, once approved, told him about my idea. Of course he thought I was crazy, but he went with it and made all my kitchen dreams come true.
  • Whole30 – We’ve tried other lifestyle changes before, but this is the most invasive of our everyday routine. But, he has jumped in with both feet and we’re doing great on it!
  • Coconut Oil Pulling – Ha! This was almost accidental. I mentioned it in conversation, read him more about it, and suggested we give it a try. I was surprised that he agreed to this one.
  • Turks & Caicos – I’ve suggested other vacations before, but nothing as grandiose as this one. All 8 of us jet-setting off to this incredible island for a week. Didn’t take much to convince him of this.
  • Podcast – Read Gary Vee’s Crushing It! and you’ll feel like you can do anything to! I simply had to read him a few parts of the book and let him know why I thought this was a good idea. I’ll have to let you know how our podcast turns out.

Again, this doesn’t include the little things I can easily talk him into on a daily basis. But, in all honestly, he can convince me of things just as easy.

A quick 3-hour road trip to Austin to walk around a store for 30 minutes, only to turn back towards Dallas, spend the night in Waco, visit The Silos, walk around downtown Waxahachie, then head back home to our kids. That was all him.


It’s why we work. We counter each other in good ways and then compromise when we can.

What things have you talked your spouse into?

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