After almost 24 years of marriage, Colby and I have 5 children. Additionally, we are hoping to begin fostering children (to adopt) once I can better handle my grief after losing my mom this past August. We’ve already added one son via marriage and have plenty more to add that way in the years ahead. All of this to say, that

we have a large-ish family.

Honestly, since we were outnumbered after our 3rd child, we don’t really see ourselves as a big family–except perhaps when we travel or go out to eat together. Then, the reality of being a family of 8 really comes into play. Alas, people always tend to flinch at the idea of our 5 children. Even though we personally know bigger families (our homeschool tutor is 1 of 11), we felt as though this was a world we knew. This was a parenting niche we felt comfortable talking about.

XL Family Podcast

So, we chose to do so. Once a week through a podcast. This is how XL Family Podcast was born. After reading Gary V’s book, Crushing It!, I decided we needed to try something new. Something outside our comfort zone to expand our brand. I can’t bring myself to do videos on a consistent basis, but I felt like I could handle listening to my voice once a week. Therefore, welcome to

XL Family Podcast

Listen to our weekly episodes below: