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God is Still Writing Our Love Story

If you have stopped by over the past few Thursdays, you would know that today is the last of the “our love story” series: God is Still Writing Our Love Story Reasons I Love My Husband Will You Marry Me or What? Short Lived Honeymoon Phase Finding Purpose Through Separation … Read more

Dating My Husband All Over Again

Dating My Husband All Over Again

Ok, have you been following along? This series began as a post about the reasons I love my husband. From there, one thing led to another and I discussed how our ever-so-romantic marriage proposal went. *yes… sarcasm has been inserted here* Dating My Husband Let’s see, then onto our short lived honeymoon phase and the … Read more

Dating my husband

Finding Purpose Through Separation

Beginning this list with reasons I love my husband has been great for me. Walking the journey from when my husband and I began dating and eventually married was a fun walk down memory lane. I must admit though, making my way through the honeymoon phase was a bit more … Read more

Short Lived Honeymoon Phase

If you have been following along, you may remember that on my last post I left the story at the proposal. Remember? Will you marry me or what? Seriously. That was how Colby asked me to marry him. (Yes, he still catches grief over it.) So, we began to plan … Read more

will you marry me or what

Will You Marry Me or What?

So, it came to my attention last week when I wrote about the top 5 reasons I still love my husband that most of you do not know our love story. Our Love Story I am used to talking to people in real life that do. Those that have walked it with us. Therefore, I promised I would write … Read more