17 Outdoor Field Day Games to Create a Fun Day Kids Will Love

As a homeschool family, we host our own events just like the girls would have if they attended public school.

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One event they loved while in school was outdoor field day games, so Colby and I decided it was a challenge we were up for and the kids would love.

plan a successful field day game event

Field Games for Kids

Planning a field day for kids can be a daunting task, but with these 17 outdoor field day games, you can create a fun-filled day that kids will love.

From classics like sack races and tug-of-war to unique activities like water balloon toss and obstacle courses, there’s something for everyone.

These games encourage teamwork, physical activity, and friendly competition while keeping the kids engaged and entertained.

Colby was all over this outdoor field day games event. In fact, he was more than ready and so were the kids!

We were armed with balloons, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes , and more for each of the games and activities we had planned.

With our supplies in hand and a solid plan, we began setting up our field day stations utilizing supplies on hand and tables for camping.

With a little creativity and preparation, you can organize a memorable field day that will have the kids begging for more.

List of Field Day Games

This is just a sampling of the epic field day game list we put together for our day filled with family fun day activities.

fun Water Balloon Toss

What is a field day activity?

A field day activity is an outdoor recreational event typically organized by schools or communities, consisting of various fun and competitive games and activities that promote physical fitness and team building.

They can typically involve a variety of gameplay ideas and can be played with or without equipment.

These field day activities can include:

Water Balloon Toss – Fill up balloons with water. Stand about a foot apart from a partner. Toss the balloon. After each successful toss, one partner takes a step back. The game stops when only one team has not popped their balloon.

field day fun water games

Water Relay – Take a few plastic cups and poke small holes in the sides. Next, fill a bucket or ice chest with water. Set buckets about 10 yards from a bucket of water. Have each child grab a cup and fill it with water.

They must then carry the cup of water over their head toward the empty bucket. Repeat.

The first one to fill their bucket to the top and cross the finish line wins this water field day game.

Not to mention, it’s an easy and fun water activity for hot summer days!

Field Day stations

Goal Kick – Using sidewalk chalk, we drew a goal with various points on our fence. Then, have the kids line up and take 3 goal kicks to gain points. The child with the most points after three kicks wins.

games for kids

Balloon Pop – Now, we added an element of the trampoline simply because we had it to use. Even without a trampoline, this can be done inside or fairly easily on the grass.

Simply blow up balloons and have the kids pop them by sitting or jumping on them. They really had a blast with this one!

Field Day water games

How do you do a field day at home?

To organize a field day at home, set up various outdoor activities such as relay races, obstacle courses, sack races, and scavenger hunts, ensuring that there are different stations for each activity, and providing rewards or prizes for participants.

Plus, as we researched more ideas, we came across a great selection of various other fun field day activities.

  • Bean Bag Toss – If no bean bags, compromise with another item around the house. Large bowls or buckets make perfect targets.
  • Parachute Game – No parachute? Use a large sheet while playing with smaller groups.
  • Egg and Spoon Race – Each child races to the finish line carefully carrying an egg in a spoon! If the egg falls, the racer must head back to the starting line and start again. Feel free to substitute an egg for a marshmallow, rock, toy, potato, etc on this classic field day game idea.
  • Sack RaceBurlap bags not lying around your house? Grab a few large pillowcases and get to hopping!
  • Tug-O-War – You only need 2 people and a rope to show your strength in this fun outdoor field day game. Go!
  • Bean Bag Horseshoes – Play as you would horseshoes by tossing bean bags as close to the inside of hula hoops as possible.
  • Hula Hoop Contest – Start the music and see who can hula the longest.
  • Limbo – How low can you go? A broomstick makes a perfect limbo stick. Turn this classic kid game into an entertaining competition for the day.
  • Yard Bowling – Fill empty 2-liter bottles with a small bit of rice (sand, water, etc.) and position them as bowling balls. Use a ball to knock them down.
  • Watermelon Seed Spitting – Give participants pieces of watermelon. The one that can spit their seed the furthest wins.
  • Long Jump – A starting line and measuring tape are all you will need to find out who can jump the furthest distance.
  • Balloon Squeeze – Without using their hands, a team must carry a balloon between their stomachs and be the first to cross the finish line.
  • Disc Throw – Who can throw a disc the furthest?
17 Outdoor Field Day Games to Create a Fun Day Kids will Love

Again, this just barely touched the surface of the fun we had with the above list of field day games for kids.

What do elementary kids do on field day?

Elementary kids participate in a day filled with various outdoor activities, games, and sports, encouraging teamwork, physical fitness, and social interaction.

Other fun outdoor activities could include obstacle courses or an entire day of only field day water games topped off with a car wash to fundraise for your next community fun day!

Don’t forget, the goal is to simply have fun!

How do you make sports day fun?

To make sports day fun, incorporate a variety of engaging activities and games that cater to different interests and abilities, ensure a competitive yet inclusive atmosphere, provide ample opportunities for teamwork and camaraderie, offer diverse sports options, encourage participation from all participants, and create a festive and celebratory ambiance with music, decorations, and rewards.

Choose field day games and activities that engage kids of all ages. Encourage friendly competition and promote good sportsmanship.

Take classic outdoor games and add a new twist.

Let the kids help you develop new field games and be part of the planning process.

Our teens even showed up as the girls were winding down and decided to have their own best field day ever! Go ahead and plan a field day games for adults too!

No reason we can’t have some fun!

What are field games?

Just as the phrase says, field games are simply fun games that can be played outside on an open field. Or your backyard in this case.

You don’t have to play on a designated game field.

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How do you do sports day at home?

Easy peasy! Find a large enough space in your yard to compete.

Decide on which family games you want to play and gather the supplies needed.

Tell everyone when the family field day will take place and get ready for some outdoor fun and family-friendly competition.

What are school field activities?

Field Day is a well-loved event, found on most springtime school calendars, that gives kids the opportunity to engage in competitive games with their classmates.

It can be centered around individual competitions, classroom events, or even overall school performance.

What do students do field day?

School field day is an exciting seasonal event that gets the kids moving outdoors, encourages school spirit, and often helps wind down the school year before heading into summer.

Students typically engage in various activities such as outdoor games, races, sports competitions, and team-building exercises, providing them with opportunities for physical exercise, social interaction, and fun outside of regular academics.


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