Fundraising doesn’t have to suck. Welcome to FlipGive

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Can we talk about fundraising for a minute? How many of you hate asking your family and friends to buy crazy things they don’t need? Me! I mean, we can all only store so much thin wrapping paper and tins of nuts, right?!

Fundraising Made Simple with FlipGive

Fundraising Made Simple

I will admit, the fundraising efforts have improved over the years. When we moved into our new home, we were able to buy mulch for our yard through a neighborhood kid. That was awesome!

But, if we’re being honest, most of the kids that come knocking on our doors are offering products or services we simply can’t use. Personally, I typically buy said product because I feel bad for them and never do a thing with it when it arrives.

FlipGive team fundraising app


Fortunately for you and me both, there’s a new way to raise funds that doesn’t take much effort or change on our part. Let me introduce you to FlipGive !

FlipGive is a team funding app that helps you earn cash for the things you’re already buying. You can easily earn cash for things like groceries, hotel stays, eating out, gas and more.

As you shop, the brands give FlipGive a commission and that commission is then shared with your FlipGive Team. For example, as I enjoy a cup of Starbucks, I can give back without any extra effort.

See how easy it is!

You are now on your way to raising funds for your organization! The more people you invite to join your team, the faster you can earn. Simply share your unique team invite code to get them on board.

Team Funding Made Easy - FlipGive

Remind them to shop FlipGive and to register their cards to make earning easy.

Use these tips for a successful fundraising drive:

  1. Download the FlipGive app — a must!
  2. Install FlipGive Max — a browser extension to help you not miss out on cashback while shopping online
  3. Host Team Events — purchase gift cards through FlipGive, then dine, travel, and do activities with your teammates
  4. Ask for Donations — go the old-fashioned way and simply ask others to donate to your team
  5. Raise to Win Challenges — keep an eye out for bonus cash events with popular brands through the year and take advantage of them before they disappear

So much easier than going door-to-door selling tiny rolls of thin wrapping paper! Plus, it’s absolutely free to use and is inclusive of all organizations that need team funding. Yes, you’re family’s fundraising needs are included!

Create your team today!

Finally, if you don’t have a team but want to join one to help raise money for a worthy cause, we’d love to have you on our team: Texas Tornadoes!

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