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You’ve made the decision to put your kids in soccer — now to keep them safe on the field! i9 Sports works diligently to keep your kids in top shape while playing. A few soccer safety tips for kids can help parents and coaches alike maintain a safe playing environment for everyone.

Soccer Safety Tips for Kids

Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world. It is great for children, both young and old, and is relatively easy to learn to play. Not to mention, it is an excellent source of physical activity. But, with any sport, there are rules and regulations to follow; many of which keep everyone safe on the field. Therefore, here are soccer safety tips we, as parents, can help ensure keep our kids safe while on the field.

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Use Correct Equipment

I cannot tell you how many times I saw kids grabbing their shins due to lack of correct equipment. Shin guards are not really a piece of equipment you want to leave off. With everyone pining for the ball, you are bound to get a kick or two to the leg and these guards can protect you from missed connections. Note: a good shin guard will mold to the shin, end just below the knee, and fit snugly around the ankle bone. Cleats are also a necessary part of play to help keep feet on the ground by providing traction.

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Learn Proper Techniques

Keep your head up and watch other players on the field in order to avoid collisions. Obey the rules and learn how to properly use the techniques best fit for each situation. Do not head a ball unless you know how to properly execute the hit. Heading the ball can injure your head and neck if you don’t do it properly. Play smart!

stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after each game and practice. It is recommended that players drink 5 to 9 oz of fluids every 20 minutes during play. Know the signs of dehydration and drink fluids at the first sign of a problem. Wear loose-fitting clothes, as well as sunscreen, when necessary.

Weekly Sportsmanship Award for courtesy

Play Fair

Good sportsmanship and fair play go a long way on the soccer field. Fortunately, i9 Sports emphasizes the “value of teamwork, in a safe, ‘no contact’ sport” so that everyone learns to play fair. In fact, Weekly Sportsmanship Awards are even awarded to encourage children to show good principles as they play.

By following the rules when it comes to game play, as well as paying attention on the field, your child can stay safe during soccer. Proper coaching and encouragement can help keep everyone playing without injury or despair!  i9 Sports offers youth sports leagues, camps, and clinics for boys and girls between the ages of 3-17 through flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and cheerleading in hundreds of communities each week. Find an i9 Sports League near you and get your child started with the i9 Sports Experience. ​If you would like to register for an i9 Sports program go to and use the discount code 7ONSS16 to save $10 off your registration fee.