Field Day Games for Adults Ideal for Team Building and Company Picnics

15 Field Day Games for Adults

My outdoor field day games for kids post does so well, I thought we needed to share a list for adults too. After all, we like to have a good time outside too!

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15 Field Day Games for Adults

Adult Field Day Games

Do you remember playing field day games in elementary school? Those were the days! But just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little friendly competition.

In fact, adult field day games can be even more fun than the ones you played as a kid.

So let’s talk about how to plan a field day for adults too.

Honestly though, the outdoor field day games are really ideal for anyone to play.

Although, some games could be a bit more challenging for the younger crowd, and that’s why they made it on this field games for adults list instead.

Adulting doesn’t have to be boring: Spice up your routine with these fun sports day games

Who says being a grown-up means you can’t have fun like a kid again? Break free from the mundane adulting routine and inject some excitement into your life with these exhilarating sports day games.

Whether you’re looking to unleash your competitive spirit or simply enjoy some laughs with friends, these activities are sure to spice up your day.

So, why settle for another mundane day when you can inject some excitement into your routine with these thrilling sports day games?

Channel your inner child, embrace your competitive side, and make memories that will have you laughing for days to come.

Who says adulthood has to be boring? Let loose and unleash your inner athlete with these fantastic sports games for adults.

What are some activities for field day?

From classic backyard games and sports day games for adults to ones that may not be so well-known, here is a field games list for adults that you can play with your family, friends, and co-workers at your next team-building field day activities for adults!

  1. Tug-o-War — Using a rope, divide into two teams. Hand each team one end of the rope, with a flag tied in the middle. The first one to pull the rope past a designated spot on their side wins.
  2. Wheelbarrow Race — One person holds onto another person’s ankles while they crawl to the field day finish line on their hands.
  3. Ball Throw — Using a ball (sports ball, foam ball, wiffle ball, etc.), have each participant stand behind a line and throw to see who can reach the furthest distance.
  4. Long Jump — Each player stands at a given line and jumps as far as they can. The one with the furthest distance wins this field day event.
  5. 100 Yard Dash — Measure a distance of 100 yards and have participants race to the finish line. To make this event more worth looking forward to, you can prepare some exciting rewards for this small event in advance. Custom medals are undoubtedly a good choice. Whoever wins will get a race medal. With rewards, it can increase everyone’s enthusiasm for participating in activities. Come to GSJJ and customize your own medals! Order Now!
  6. Beach Ball Relay — Two players team up to carry a beach ball to a cone and back, without using their hands. Once they reach the starting point, the next pair goes. The first team to go through their line wins this fun relay race for adults.
  7. Blind Volleyball — Set up a volleyball net, then throw a tarp (sheet, etc.) over the top. Divide into two teams, one on either side of the net. The first team serves the ball and the volley begins. The first team to your designated point (5, 10, 15) wins.
  8. Three-legged Race — Pair up and give each team a ribbon to tie their legs together. Each team must complete the race with their middle legs tied together. The first team to the finish line wins.
  9. Disc Golf — Set up a course using hula hoops and buckets of water. You score according to how many tosses it takes to get the disc into the hoops. Each one in a bucket of water counts as a water hazard and is worth three points. The lowest score wins.
  10. Clothes Relay — Divide into two teams and line up for a relay. Each team will have a set of over-sized clothes at the start line. The first player must put on the clothes, run to a cone and back, undress, and tag the next player in the relay game. The next player repeats the process. The first team to go through their line of players wins.
  11. Wet Sweatpants Relay — Similar to the clothes relay race, only using sweatpants. Each player must dunk the sweatpants in a bucket of water, put them on, and take them off to pass to the next player in line. The next player repeats the process.
  12. Water Balloon Volleyball — Set up a volleyball net and divide it into two teams. Give pairs of players on each team a beach towel. Instead of a volleyball, teams will pass a water balloon back and forth using the beach towel to catapult the balloons.
  13. Egg and Spoon Race — Feel free to substitute an egg for a marshmallow, rock, toy, potato, etc. on this field day game. Line up side-by-side with the opposing team and race to see which team can get through their line first. If you drop the egg, you must go back to the starting line.
  14. Water Gun Race — Teams use water guns to squirt a ping pong ball across a designated finish line.
  15. Balloon Pop — Each player is given two inflated balloons and string to tie the balloons to their ankles. The object of the game is to pop the other players’ balloons, without using hands. Feet only. The last player left with balloons wins.

What is a relay race for adults?

A relay race is a great way to get everyone involved in a competitive field day event. There are a few things you will need to set up a relay race for adults.

You will need a large open space, a starting line, and a finish line. You will also need a baton for each team.

To set up the race, line the teams up at the starting line.

The first person on each team will start the race by running to the finish line and back to the starting line, where they will hand the baton off to the next person on their team.

The race will continue until all members of each team have completed the course. The first team to finish wins!

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What are some fun active games for adults?

If you need even more ideas, including additional fun relays for adults, take a look at our field days games list that features over 50 more fun day activities for adults!

Many of the items needed to play the above adult field day games can most likely be found in your kid’s outdoor play collection already. Otherwise, or your local retailer will probably have what you need.

How do you host a field day for adults?

Once you’ve decided you want to host an adult field day game event, pick a date and time. but, even more importantly, pick a location.

You’ll need a large outdoor field that offers plenty of space to gather, run, throw, and partake in several events at the same time.

Decide on how scoring will work, who will keep track of the points, and (if awarding prizes) what prizes will be handed out.

Then it’s as simple as choosing which events from the list of field day games you want to play and gather the necessary items to compete.

Have fun!


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