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Although you technically walk into the front entryway when you enter our home, you can’t miss the sitting room. It’s definitely one of my favorite rooms already. It’s been slowly coming together and I love seeing it each time I open the front door.

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Sitting Room

First, I don’t know what else to call the room other than a sitting room. It’s not a formal living room because we don’t do “formal” around here. In fact, it was designed to be a formal dining room. We traded the chandelier for a ceiling fan and put in a couch. So now it’s a sitting room. The couch is what our kids call the “good news, bad news” couch. I’m not sure why, but they insist Colby and I sit them down, altogether, on the couch, to give them any news. I guess I never took notice but apparently they have?! I just know I saw the couch at Nebraska Furniture Mart and knew it was “the” one.

chicken nesting box

The real hero piece of the room though is the chicken nesting box. We went to an antique market a few weeks after moving in and it was the only thing I told Colby I wanted to find there. We were almost through the entire market when we found it. I love it! Everyone comments on it and we only have a few more pieces to go before it’s fully decorated. I need some (not real) chickens for it to go with the decorative (not real) farm-fresh eggs.

Home Tour :: Sitting Room

The various pieces of decor in the boxes are a collection of items we have picked up along the way. Amazon, Magnolia Market, Hobby Lobby, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and flea markets have helped us compete decorating this cool farmland piece.

slip cover couch

Additionally, the galvanized metal ties in with the coffee and end table I pulled I from the living room. They fit that space better, plus my dad and I made a new farmhouse table for that room, so here they sit. Colby just says I’m the “queen of pulling things from other rooms to decorate.” My solution? Buy me more decor pieces!

crate table and flowers

Since we have the “news” couch, it seemed appropriate to include a chair for the person giving said news. We found this beautiful grey bucket chair at Wayfair. Colby likes the nailhead trim look so he picked out the chair. I wasn’t sure seeing it online but think it fits the too well. Beside it, I have been looking for the ideal side table. But, Colby likes the stacked crates I sat beside the chair temporarily, so they may be staying. They’re growing on me as well.

antique film projector

Then, always the fun part, was simply finding the little decorative accent pieces. A trip downtown to an antique mall scored us the incredible film projector for the table.

old books with cover

The old book was picked up recently at a flea market.

metal door wall decor

Just last week, while searching for an item for another room, we happened upon the accent door for the wall. Coupled with the welcoming “let love abide” quote for guests, it made the wall pop with character. Of course, cotton stems are simply awesome everywhere.

thankful picture

Focusing on gratefulness more as a family, Jaci gave me this engaging picture that we take turns writing on. It’s nice to be reminded of the things we are thankful for each day.

bunnies and flowers

A spring sale at Pier 1 Imports yielded us the rabbits, whereas the metal tin holding the flowers came from Nebraska Furniture Mart.

vintage cooler

And finally, just as the old washer in my front entry, the vintage cooler came from my parents. While Colby was loading the wash tub, my parents remembered the cooler and asked if I wanted it too. It now perfectly adorns our front sitting room, tying in the metal, flowers, and vintage feel of the area. With all the windows, it portrays the perfect spot for welcoming the afternoon sun and a tall glass of lemonade. Hopefully we captured that nostalgic feel of neighborly visits and old-fashioned hospitality.

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