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The field day games tradition is often an excellent way to end a long school year. Or, it could be a great way to simply kick-off summer.

Field Day Games List

Even better, many companies utilize the traditional field day to create fun team building activities.

Whatever reason you’re planning a field day, here is a list of over 50 epic field day games that are perfect for all ages!

Hit the Target

  1. Bean Bag Horseshoes
  2. Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Hole: Create a board with 9 holes (3 by 3 by 3). Have two different colored bean bags at the station (mark one color with X’s and the other O’s). Participants try to get 3 bean bags in a row.
  3. Corn Hole
  4. Hula Hoop Ring Toss: Toss hula hoops over cones. Start close and move further back with each toss.
  5. Ring Toss

Make a Mess

  1. Bubble Paint
  2. Giant Bubbles
  3. Sidewalk Chalk

Old Faithful

  1. 100 Yard Dash
  2. Bean Bag Toss
  3. Discus Throw
  4. Egg and Spoon Race
  5. Egg Toss
  6. Long Jump
  7. Parachute Game
  8. Potato Sack Race
  9. Shot Put
  10. Sprint Race
  11. Three-legged Race
  12. Tug-O-War
  13. Vertical Jump
  14. Water Balloon Toss
  15. Wheelbarrow Race
50+ Epic Field Day Games List for All Ages

On the Ball

  1. Ball Throw
  2. Basketball Free Throws
  3. Blind Volleyball
  4. Goal Kick
  5. Kickball
  6. Tennis
  7. Yard Bowling
  8. Yarn Ball Toss: Each athlete holds onto the end of the strand of yarn and throws the ball. Measure the yarn from the athlete’s hand to the spot where the yarn ball lands.

Relay Races

  1. 100-yd Dash Relay
  2. Balloon Squeeze
  3. Beach Ball Relay
  4. Clothes Relay
  5. Crab Walk Relay
  6. Jump Rope Relay: Each team lines up as one athlete jumps to a designated line and runs back to pass the jump rope to the next team member. The first team to finish wins!
  7. Speed Relay: Shorten the running distance to a 50-yd sprint for the relay!
  8. Wet Sweatpants Relay
  9. Water Relay

Soak it Up

  1. Fill the Bucket: Similar to water relay, only teams use a large sponge rather than a plastic cup to carry water.
  2. Soaked Sponge Pass: Each team lines up with a bucket full of water and sponges and a second empty bucket at the other end. The team passes wet sponges over their heads to the end of the line where the last person squeezes the sponge into the second bucket and runs to the front to start again. The team with the most water in the end-of-the-line bucket after cycling through all team members wins.
  3. Water Balloon Volleyball
  4. Water Gun Race

The Kitchen Sink

  1. Balloon Pop
  2. Disc Golf
  3. Hula Hoop Contest
  4. Jump Rope Contest: See who can jump the longest.
  5. Limbo
  6. Obstacle Course
  7. Shoe Kick: Each athlete loosens one shoe keeping their toes in it. From a marked starting line, athletes kick a shoe into the air. Record the distance the shoe travels.
  8. Watermelon Seed Spitting

Use Your Noodle

  1. Pool Noodle Baseball: Cut pool noodles in half to use as bats for a fun game of baseball.
  2. Pool Noodle Hurdles: Insert two (unsharpened) pencils into the ground far enough apart to create a soft arc in the pool noodle. Then, slip each end of the pool noodle over the part of the pencil sticking out of the ground. Jump over hurdles!
  3. Pool Noodle Javelin Throw: Cut pool noodles in half to use as javelins.
  4. Pool Noodle Soccer: Using the same form as the hurdles above, kick the soccer ball under the noodles.

With just a bit of advanced planning, your field day games event can be as much fun as you choose to make it!

Hopefully this list of outdoor games will help you make plenty of headway in your planning!

Have a great field day!

Ultimate Guide to Field Day Games

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