5 Sidewalk Chalk Games

5 Sidewalk Chalk Games to Keep You Playful

When was the last time you got out and just played with your kids? Not an organized sport or structured play date… just free, imaginative play.

5 Sidewalk Chalk Games

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Since we homeschool and spend a good day of our time with the kids, you would think we would have all the time in the world, right?

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But sometimes it really means throwing caution to the wind, so to speak, and just playing with the kids.

Since finding ways to get creative and go crazy with your kids can be a fun way to discover new ways to play, my girls and I decided to take the challenge.

This particular day we chose sidewalk chalk as our focus point and went with it. After a bit of discussion, we each got to work and, together, came up with five fun sidewalk chalk games.

Games we could easily play anywhere with a piece of sidewalk chalk and an open space to draw.

sidewalk chalk games hopscotch

Hopscotch – Timeless game that involves nothing more that a few squares and a rock

sidewalk chalk games Car City

Car City – A few roads, houses, and trees and you have the perfect place to drive your toy cars through

sidewalk chalk games 4 Square

4 Square – Have a ball? 3 friends? Draw one big square divided into 4 smaller squares and you are ready for 4 square

sidewalk chalk games 3D Chalk Art

3D Chalk Art – Take your imagination one step further and make your sidewalk chalk art come to life when you add yourself to the masterpiece

sidewalk chalk games sundial

Sundial – Want to tell time using the sun? Stick a pencil in a piece of Play-Doh and track the shadow.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and enjoy life.