Create a Room with Purpose and Maximal Space with Wayfair

Have you ever felt this strong feeling that you are supposed to do something… but you’re just not sure what?

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I don’t mean forgetting to take your medicine though.

I’m talking about doing something big with your life.

The type of thing that, when you listen to your heart, changes your life in a huge way.

That type of event.

create a room with purpose

A Room with Purpose

This is exactly how Colby and I feel about the decision to become foster parents. Sure, people think we’re crazy when we tell them. We have 5 pretty awesome biological children, why do we want more?

Well, two reasons:

(1) there are thousands (no exaggeration here) of children currently waiting in the foster system for homes and (2) not every child that comes into your home is meant to stay with you forever.

In fact, the main point of fostering is to love and care for the children until they can successfully become reunified with their biological family.

Therefore, while they are in our home, we want to give them all the love and attention we can and hope they someday are able to find their forever home… wherever that may be for them.

Alimi bunk beds from Wayfair

When we began building our new home, we looked for a floor plan that would give us the most room for adding three additional children to our family.

We needed a space that could be shared and accommodate multiple children, but still give each one of them some sense of their own space.

We ultimately chose to convert a large media room into our “foster room.” We then found the perfect set of Alimi bunk beds from Wayfair to help maximize the space.

Alimi bunk beds from Wayfair

By setting up bunk beds, we could have more floor space for other items in the room, such as shelves and extra closet space to be used by the kids to hold their own things.

Not to mention, with one bed on top and one on bottom, it gives each child a better feeling of privacy.

And, I don’t know about you, but I loved that stage of childhood when my sister and I slept on bunk beds.

The whispers and giggles shared from one bunk to the other helped us bond and make incredible memories.

I’m hoping our foster children experience some of that as well.

bunk beds for kids from Wayfair

We hope to help each of them feel accepted into our home with their own special welcome packages.

We did research and discovered that the biggest need upon entering a new foster home is toiletries.

They often leave their home with a black bag full of clothes they can grab and not much else.

foster care welcome package

Then, we decided that a journal would be nice, in case they wanted to write about their experience, draw pictures, or find some other creative outlet for expressing themselves on paper.

Socks, towels, books, treats, and other age-appropriate items were also listed to be purchased once we knew more about each placement.

We wanted to be sure to personalize each package in order to let each child know they were special to us.

inspirational quotes for foster room

We chose inspirational messages and fun-themed-based decor to add to the room in hopes of helping make the transition easier.

We understand that the process will be difficult, but are up for the task. We want to let these children know they are loved, they are welcome, and they matter to us.

The first impression, that of the room and beds we have set up for them, is an important one.

With Wayfair‘s help, we believe we’ve been able to present an environment that portrays the fact that they are family once they step inside.

How do you create a room with purpose?

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