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34 Positive Marriage Affirmations for Couples

Do you write quotes, scripture, or daily marriage affirmations on Post-it Notes ? I do. I have them on my bathroom mirror. Shelf. Books. Computer monitor. I like to visually see them so they are easier to memorize.

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It allows me to focus on the goal or task at hand.

34 Positive Marriage Affirmations for Couples

Powerful Marriage Affirmations

Memorizing scripture has always helped me “hide it in my heart” and be prepared to use it as needed in my relationship with my spouse.

Have you ever wanted to see a change in your marriage? Your spouse? Yourself? Thought about using positive affirmations for couples to keep your purpose in the forefront of your mind?

What about using daily affirmations for marriage to help you and your spouse focus on the type of happy marriage you want to have?

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I know that these types of sayings, quotes, verses, happy marriage affirmations for husband and wife, etc. kept me going through the hard times… as well as the good. I mean, it is worth a try, right?

The affirmations for marriage restoration helped hold me together through the roughest years of our marriage.

af·fir·ma·tion [af-er-mey-shuhn] noun
1. the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.
2. the assertion that something exists or is true.
3. something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.
4. confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment, decision, etc.

There is nothing to lose considering it is simply a line or two to keep us positive and moving in the direction we want to go.

Take a look at this

List of positive marriage affirmations:

  1. I am enjoying the things in my marriage that I already have and make me happy.
  2. I appreciate my spouse for all he/she does for our marriage.
  3. My spouse and I decide daily to love each other.
  4. I am daily making my relationship with my spouse stronger.
  5. I choose to listen to my spouse before speaking out of anger.
  6. I accept the opportunity to apologize first.
  7. I am both loyal and devoted to my spouse.
  8. I support my spouse in his/her decisions.
  9. Together we have great strengths.
  10. We live a life full of gratefulness.
  11. Each day is an opportunity to learn more about my spouse.
  12. I respect the person my spouse is, rather than who I want him/her to be.
  13. I choose to focus on the positive… every day.
  14. My marriage is built on love, respect, and trust.
  15. We freely accept each other’s differences without judgement.
  16. I love my spouse unconditionally.
  17. There are open lines of communication every day.
  18. I give my spouse space to become him/her self within the confines of our marriage.
  19. We laugh together on a regular basis.
  20. Our marriage is growing stronger every day.
  21. I understand that we will have bad days, but we get up and carry on… together.
  22. I must forgive my spouse… daily.
  23. I am irresistible to my spouse and will not deny him when possible.
  24. I will ask myself regularly, “How can I show him/her my love more?
  25. Together there is nothing we cannot face or triumph over.
  26. Communication must be open and honest.
  27. My spouse is… and will always be… my best friend.
  28. I must control my tongue when angry and fight fair if we should disagree.
  29. I yearn to kiss my spouse daily… morning and night.
  30. I am passionate in my love for my spouse.
  31. My marriage is a match made in heaven.
  32. I believe in my marriage.
  33. I accept that my spouse and I are different… and respect those differences.
  34. I will be patient and kind. I will not envy, or boast, or be proud. I will not dishonor others, or be self-seeking, or easily angered, nor will I keep a record of wrongs. I will not delight in evil but I will rejoice in the truth. I will always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere. I know love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

What are daily affirmations about marriage you use?

I like to think we can all have success stories in our marriages. I continue to choose to love my partner daily and work on having the happy marriage I know we can have.

Fortunately, Colby and I have drug our marriage through the mud enough to know we’re in it for the long haul. You can do it! This list can definitely work as healing affirmations for a broken marriage too.

What are affirmations for manifestation?

First, let’s start with the word “affirmation.”

When we affirm something, we’re declaring it to be true. We’re claiming it.

By declaring positive affirmations, we work towards reprogramming our subconscious mind, working on a subliminal level, into changing our beliefs.

When we start manifesting, we use our thoughts to attract what we want most.

We set our mind on something we hope will happen, put our energy behind believing that it will happen, and then watch it happen in real time.

Similar to, “If you build it, they will come.

We’re going to manifest it in our mind, and it will come.

How to use affirmations to manifest?

Now that we understand what both “affirmation” and “manifestation” mean, how do we use them together in order to create the life we want?

First, use affirmations that you actually believe in.

For example, using a marriage affirmation above, you might say,

“My marriage is a match made in heaven.”

But, you may not believe in that just yet. So, instead, start with this affirmation instead,

“I am working on my marriage and developing changes in me to help achieve the relationship I desire. I have a plan on how to improve and strengthen our marriage and will do whatever it takes.”

Yes, it’s more words. But, it helps lay out your exact goal and keeps you motivated towards achieving that goal.

How long do affirmations take to manifest?

We live in a world that thrives on instant gratification.

From fast food to on-demand streaming services, we want it NOW!

Unfortunately, there is no real time line for how long it takes an affirmation to come to fruition.

The positive affirmations are only one piece of the puzzle. They’re a tool in the process.

To make them work at a faster pace, commit to affirming on a daily basis.

Write them down in a journal each day.

Post them on a sticky note or as a printable list on your bathroom mirror.

There’s more power to be given to each affirmation with each time it’s spoken.

Now for this week’s addition to my list of reasons I still love my husband:

31. He is the love of my life… and honestly completes me in nearly every way (no matter how cliché it sounds).
32. He teaches me more about myself than I could ever have learned on my own.
33. He gives me compassion and empathy when needed, and has taught me to give them back to him.
34. He totally gets it when it comes to romance. He playfully flirts with me… daily… and often.
Even when he hasn’t got a clue he tries so hard. And at everything. He then becomes simply irresistible to me.

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