marriage restoration after long separation

Stay with me here…

A Story of Marriage Restoration After Separation

21 years ago this month, I got off my night shift job and came home to find my kids (18 mos & 3 yrs at the time) in bed.

My husband was waiting on the couch for me with a bag packed and ready to go.

He left me…

left us… that night.

25 years later and still crazy in love

My world was turned upside down in an instant. Everything I had known for almost 8 years had changed.

I became a single mom of two and remained that way for the next couple of years.

The kids and I struggled to make ends meet. At times, we lived out of our car sleeping wherever we could find a bed.

My parents and brother housed us most often.

It was never easy. But, we managed.

husband and wife pose

I did a lot of soul searching and decided to focus on me. To find out who I was and to work on healing.

The emotional baggage I brought into the marriage was difficult for me to handle myself, let alone my husband.

I don’t condone his leaving, but often find myself understanding (at least partly) why he did.

Why share?

Because just as quickly as my world was shattered, God began putting it back together.

It’s a long, crazy story, but we reconciled our marriage about 2.5 years later.

Within the first year, we were pregnant and began growing our family again.

One rainbow baby and 2 more daughters later, we’ve never looked back.

Last September we celebrated 25 years of marriage.

fun sibling pose

Y’all, marriage isn’t easy. In fact, relationships in general aren’t easy.

Why? Because we are complex beings.

But, we were made for relationships. And I’ll be the first to admit I’m terrible at maintaining friendships.

The one person who can handle me on my worst days, can help me handle myself on them, is my best friend.

My husband.

I know what my life was like without him and I believe in what our life is like together.

All of that is a long story with a lot of pieces and a bunch of numbers to simply say, whatever it is you’re going through… there’s going to be a new tomorrow.

becoming grandparents

Life isn’t easy and it’s not always fair, but, if you keep holding on and push through, there’s such an incredible reward waiting for you!

And I am more than grateful for it.

You got this. Even when you think you can’t, you can. I believe in you.