Oh to Be Young Again – New Love Quotes

Being young and in love is such a great feeling. I mean, it has been about 21 years since I met and fell in love with my husband but I can still remember that feeling.

Oh to Be Young Again - new love quotes

That summer was one of those “magical” ones you see on movies and sometimes those feelings come rushing back.

New Love Quotes

A fragrance, a song, a picture, new love quotes… things that remind me of that time long ago.

We have been married for over 22 years but the passion is still there.

Nevertheless, in staying with the love theme of the month, I compiled a list of new love quotes that relate to new, young love.

And by young I don’t mean just teenagers, I mean fresh and new found love that has just begun as well.

i just wanna be the only girl you love all your life
next girl I love will be our daughter
i fell in love and you smiled
youre a 9 and im the 1 you need
we are all a little weird
everything you've ever needed


Young Love

Here’s to celebrating love—old and new!

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