DIY Kids Valentines Cards

37 DIY Kid’s Valentine’s Cards

Pinterest is the source of all great creativity nowadays, right?! I found so many cute DIY Kid’s Valentine’s Cards.

We had already purchased some for our girls right after Christmas since the selection was fresh and plentiful, but we may have to try and recreate them.

DIY Kids Valentines Cards

DIY Valentine Cards

The Valentine’s Day cards for kids we bought all include candy, so I think we can use the ideas below to incorporate the candy into some fun designs!

  1. Cute and Easy Mouse Valentine Card (pictured above)
  2. Bubblegum Valentines  (pictured above)
  3. Secret Message Valentines  (pictured above)
  4. S’more Friends Like You
  5. Owl Be Your Valentine
  6. Blowing Kisses Your Way Valentines With Printable
  7. Tootsie Pop Valentines
  8. Forceful Valentines
  9. Stamp of Approval  (pictured above)
  10. Friendship Bracelet Valentines
  11. DIY Apple of My Eye Valentines Day Card  (pictured above)
  12. Monster Valentines  (pictured above)
  13. DIY Recycled Seed Paper Heart Valentines
  14. Tootsie Pop Super Valentines  (pictured above)
  15. Love Bug Valentines
  16. Free Printable Valentine Tag & Airplane Valentine
  17. Recycled Crayons Valentines
  18. Pirate Valentines
  19. I Love You Berry Much
  20. You Make My ♥ GLOW!
  21. Blow Me a Kiss Valentines
  22. Mustache Valentines
  23. I Wheelie Like You
  24. ABC Valentine
  25. Teddy Graham Valentines
  26. Valentine…You’re my favorite fish in the sea
  27. Tic Tac Toe Valentine Printable
  28. In the Same School Valentine
  29. Starburst Candies Valentine Tag
  30. Dino-Mite Valentines
  31. I’d SNAP at the chance to be your Valentine!
  32. I Dig You!
  33. Clothespin Valentines
  34. Valentine Pencils
  35. Cutie Valentine Printable
  36. Last-Minute Valentines with Free Printables
  37. Printable Valentines Day Cards

Plus–as an added bonus–check out these fabulous Valentine’s Boxes from Giggles Galore.