Mint Grasshopper Candy Bark

Green is my absolute favorite color, so St Patrick’s Day is fun for me to celebrate in some respect. I have enough green in my closet to wear for the entire week before and after if I wanted to.

Mint Grasshopper Candy Bark

I also adore anything that relates back to Ireland as well; so I may be biased in my reason for liking March 17th.

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Another favorite of mine: MINT! Yum!

Mint Grasshopper Candy Bark

Therefore, when I sat down with Days of a Domestic Dad to think about a delicious recipe for St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted a mint flavored treat.

We decided to make candy bark (it’s literally one of the easiest treats to make), but we really wanted to make it our own way.

Plus, I wanted to ensure there was plenty of green in the mix. We made a list and headed to the store, ready to make some marvelous minty treats.

What transposed was utterly delicious!

Mint Grasshopper Candy Bark

We decided on a Mint Grasshopper Candy Bark.

Using Grasshopper cookies as a base and mint flavored M&M’s to seal the deal there was plenty of greatness in every bite.

Not to mention, they really took no time at all to make.


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