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God is Still Writing Our Love Story

If you have stopped by over the past few Thursdays, you would know that today is the last of the “our love story” series:

God is Still Writing Our Love Story

  1. How I Met Your Father
  2. Will You Marry Me or What?
  3. Short Lived Honeymoon Phase
  4. Finding Purpose Through Separation
  5. Dating My Husband All Over Again

And all of those lead us here. To today. Today when I have long since come to realize that God is still writing our love story. Passionately. And we both continue to reap the rewards.

We have 4 beautiful daughters and 1 handsome son to raise as one. We have an angel in heaven that looks down upon us daily. Together we are unified in love and happiness.

Do we still have trials? Oh yes.

Do we still have disagreements? Of course.

The difference? We have also learned a few tips along the way that hold us together:

  • Pray. Call upon Jesus together. As one.
  • Talk it out. No matter what “it” is.
  • Fight fair. Always.
  • In your anger do not sin…”
  • Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” ~Ephesians 4:26-27
  • Compromise. Agree to disagree and move forward.

Although not an extensive list, these cover most of them. It is the “tie that binds” and holds us together. I am lost without him. I know. I have tried it before and failed. Miserably.

He and I both fail daily. We are not perfect. Our marriage is not perfect. But, it is great. I mean, compared to what it once was I have no complaints. We expect to have differences. We’re human.

We are almost total opposites in several areas. We even have different parenting styles in some aspects of it all.

But we no longer let that be a hindrance. In fact, I believe it makes us stronger… together. And that leads me this week’s list of reasons I still love my husband:

21. Where I fall short, he succeeds. And vice versa.
22. Where I am weak, he is strong. And vice versa.
23. When I can’t go on, he can… and pulls me along. And vice versa.
24.  When he cries, I laugh. And when I cry, he cries too. (lol)
25. I am almost certain he hung the moon (in my world).

What tips do you have to share with others?

What ties your marriage together?