Find Audio Gear of Your Dreams at Magnolia’s March AudioFest

Find Audio Gear of Your Dreams at Magnolia’s March AudioFest

When I met Colby, he was 15 years old and absolutely obsessed with audio gear.

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His bedroom was small, but he had a large receiver, several full-size woofers, and more speakers in his bedroom than I had ever seen.

Over the years, as technology advanced–and our lifestyle changed–he slowly began to move past those things.

Now? He is completely obsessed again. He wants everything he can find during Magnolia’s March AudioFest at Best Buy.

Find Audio Gear of Your Dreams at Magnolia’s March AudioFest

Magnolia’s March AudioFest

Magnolia’s March AudioFest is one month of remarkable deals on all of the premium audio gear of your dreams.

You can enjoy savings on speakers, receivers, wireless audio gear, headphones, hi-res audio products, and much more.

With special weekly savings, great deals online, and other amazing offers they can only offer in their stores, you will want to check back often.

March AudioFest at Best Buy means “extraordinary audio at incredible prices,” all month long!

I cannot tell you how many times we’ve been already and, with each visit, Colby’s list grows longer and longer.

Magnolia's March AudioFest

If you’ve stepped inside the Magnolia department at Best Buy, you know that audio is at the heart of who Magnolia is.

Even though they offer plenty of video gear, it is the audio that takes you from just watching, just listening, just playing, to experiencing your movies, music, and video games like never before.

Believe me, Colby drives this concept into my head every time we visit Magnolia at Best Buy.

Plus, with their premium selection of audio gear from the world’s most sought-after brands, you will be experiencing a home entertainment environment where the walls magically melt away and you find yourself transformed into a world where your entertainment truly comes to life.

Colby’s biggest desire at the present moment is to play The Greatest Showman so loud through our home that we feel as though we are sitting ringside for the circus! I’m not even lying.

Are you ready to experience premium audio gear at amazing prices?

Stop into your nearest Magnolia store and start hearing things in a whole new way.

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