How to Host a Family Talent Show on a Small Budget

JJ, our 9-year-old, is BIG on event planning. We call her our cruise director. She is always planning something. Whether it is a craft, recipe, party, video, or family talent show.

She is on it and everything must be done according to her plans. This past weekend was perhaps our best Family Talent Show yet!

JJ was able to get several members of the family involved and we had a fantastic time. And, best of all, it really can be accomplished on a small budget and with little time.

Group of Children at Family Talent Show in backyard

Family Talent Show

JJ puts a lot of time and planning into the talent show. In fact, she sends out text messages and emails weeks in advance telling everyone to prepare their talent. So, delving into her mind a bit… here is how to host a family talent show:

  1. Send out invitations early – Text, email, FB message, call, or send out paper invites to let your family the date is coming!
  2. An essential tip: Family calendars or organizers are invaluable for keeping track of dates, especially for parents. I wholeheartedly recommend them. You can explore this excellent list by Parental Daily, which features top family organizer apps , including both free and premium options
  3. Have family members sign up for the talent show – We have several “parts” available: 3 judges, 1 emcee, 1 DJ, participants, audience members (my dad
  4. Gather prizes for participants to win – Stop by the dollar store or regift things you have around the house! You could even bake your prizes!
  5. Have refreshments available – Making sure acts, audience, and judges stayed fed made for a happier talent show. The Buffalo Chicken Dip was a hit!
  6. Set up a judges’ table – Give each judge a list of the participants and a pen to take notes. We let them give feedback as well after each act if they desire.
  7. Clap and cheer for each family member – It’s important to be encouraging and to support each family member as they brave the audience! 
  8. Let the judges congregate and discuss – We send the judges to another room to discuss who should take which prize.
  9. Award prizes and thank everyone for coming – If you want to leave a good impression and have a better return on your next event, make sure your family members know they are appreciated and their time meant something to you!

Super easy! It just requires a bit of time and participation on everyone’s part and can be an awesome family time!

Group of Children watching Family Talent Show in backyard

This past Family Talent Show we broke our prize categories down so that everyone received something for participating. Our categories included:

  • Rookie of the Year – For one of our 1st timers
  • Best of Show – For the only act that included a pet
  • Most Improved – Because some have come a long way since their last talent show
  • Best Audience Involvement – It’s fun to see the audience get up and move with the participants 
  • Best Duo – Teamwork can be a challenge
  • Best Entertainer – Well, our toddler needed her own award and was the cutest one out there. Ha! 

What are the talents your family would showcase? What categories would you add to the list?

Having fun with your family should not have to cost you much. After all, your time is worth much more to your family than anything else!