How to Install a Toilet

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Are you renovating a bathroom? Do you plan on doing a makeover soon? My parents have been working on remodeling their bathroom for a while now. The two pieces they have been left to change out are the toilet and shower. Since my dad is a carpenter by trade, he has done all of the woodwork, flooring, and painting himself. Therefore, I decided that new toilet would make a great Father’s Day gift… even if he did have to take part in installing it.

how to install a toilet

How to Install a Toilet

I am pretty sure my dad thought I was kidding when I showed him the picture of the Delta Corrente toilet on Father’s Day. Since the toilet had not yet been delivered, I at least wanted to let him know his gift was on the way. In his true fashion, he laughed. But, when Colby and I delivered the Elongated Water Saving Toilet, he knew it was really going to happen. Next step? Installing the toilet.

Colby and my dad found some time on a Saturday afternoon to install the toilet and it looked great when they finished. Plus, it did not take them too long and the process was easy. After removing the old toilet using the toilet removal kit from Delta, the rest of the install went pretty simple.

Toilet installation

Install Flange and Bolts – Install the flange, or if using the old flange, replace the bolts.  Align the bolts so that they are parallel to wall behind where the toilet will sit.

toilet installation wax ring

Place Wax Ring –  Take wax ring and press it onto underside of the bowl around the flange. Raised rubber part of wax seal will fit into drain on floor so should be pointed out.

toilet bowl installation

Mount Toilet Bowl – Line the outer rim of the underside of the toilet bowl with silicone. Then, align the holes of the bowl with the flange bolts as you turn the toilet bowl over to mount. Carefully place toilet over flange and make sure rubber seal properly fits into drain. Install proper washer, disc, and nuts onto mounting bolts. make sure toilet is square and then gently push toilet down to set wax seal and flange. Tighten washers and nuts… but don’t over tighten. Remove any excess silicone.

toilet tank installation

Install the Tank – Remove nut, washer, and grommet from fill valve on underside of tank. Install tank gasket over tank outlet. Align mounting bolts on the underside of the tank with the mounting holes on the tank. Ensure tank gasket is properly fitted into water inlet on the toilet bowl. Fit washers and buts onto bolts under tank and tighten. Do not over tighten.

Connect Water Supply Line – Connect water supply line to threaded inlet on the underside of your tank. Connect water line to valve (in off position) if using a new line.

toilet install lid

Install Toilet Seat – Line bracket holes with mounting holes in toilet. Place molly bolts through bracket into toilet. Tighten securely. Don’t over tighten. Line toilet lid up with the bracket and then snap into place. (The toilet lid we have is made to easily snap off for cleaning. By squeezing the two red pieces together, the toilet lid can be easily removed and then replaced.)

Fill Tank toilet install

Fill Tank – Make sure to remove any paper or other objects from inside tank. Turn on water supply at wall and let the tank fill. Check for leaks. Flush toilet and let it cycle to observe water levels. Adjust using the water level adjustment rod and float as needed. An adjustment to the chain may be needed if water does not empty from bowl after a full cycle.

Cover Tank – Once the water levels and functionality of the toilet check out, place the cover on the tank. You are now free to use the toilet!

My parents were both pleased with the finished product and are excited about being one step closer to being finished. In fact, it even inspired them to do a second toilet install in their guest bathroom. It was a win-win for all of us considering their house is our central meeting place most weekends. And, of course, everyone had to take turns sitting on the toilet —fully-clothed— just to give it a try. Comfortable and perfect height were the two most used descriptions.


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