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3 Reasons to Consider an RV Road Trip

When you have a large family, travel can be a big hit to your pocketbook.

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After all, trying to get everyone to your destination before the fun can begin can be costly.

Airfare adds up quickly, so a road trip can often offer a more affordable option.

reasons to consider an RV road trip

Reasons to Consider an RV Road Trip

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a typical road trip by other’s standards.

We have discovered that an RV is not only an AFFORDABLE choice, but it is also one of the most fun ways to travel.

A comfortable ride, convenience, and affordability are just a few reasons why you should consider an RV road trip.

Lower Travel Expenses

As you begin adding up airfare, hotel rates, car rentals, gas, and other travel expenses, your vacation budget can quickly rise.

Lower campsite rental fees and affordable RV rental rates can keep the budget manageable.

Best of all, you don’t have to own an RV to travel in one! Go RVing has an RV rental locator on their site that makes finding rental options easy.

RV comforts of home

Comforts of Home

You can buy groceries before you leave and stock the refrigerator and pantry for the entire trip.

Every meal on your vacation can be home-cooked (if you want) and readily available.

A sandwich on the road or a cold drink from the fridge saves you on meal expenses.

Additionally, you can bring along your favorite linens, toys for the kids, and even your must-have pillow. The RV becomes your home away from home.

RV entertainment on the road


Road trips with kids are the perfect time to unplug and bond once again. Board games, road games, and good ol’ fashioned conversation come easy on the road in an RV.

Grab a game, sit securely seat belted in your seat at the table, and play! Or, watch a movie in comfort as you ride.

An RV can offer enough entertainment to keep the whole family happy.

Bonus? Unlike when you fly, you can stop at all the fun, quirky roadside tourist stops along the way!

Go ahead… let the family see the World’s Only Corn Palace!

World's Only Corn Palace

Most of all though, traveling in an RV means that we can travel together as a family. All of us, in one vehicle.

No squeezing into a large SUV that barely holds us or two separate cars. For us, that’s a pretty big bonus.

Not to mention, any trip in an RV is an adventure—no matter how far or close to home you go.

Our family is only getting bigger, so you can bet we will be making more RV road trips in the future!

family fun RV road trip

What RV trip is on your family’s bucket list?

With no security lines, baggage fees, or time expectations, see how an RV can help make your next family adventure fun – affordable – one to remember at Go RVing!

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