Circle with Disney

Touch a Button, Pause the Internet with Circle with Disney

Have you been looking for a way to manage your child’s screen time? Need to filter content to ensure your children aren’t seeing things they shouldn’t be online? In today’s tech word, it’s a genuine concern for most parents. Circle with Disney offers you each of these features, and can actually give you a pause button for the internet.

Circle with Disney

Circle with Disney

That’s right! With the push of a button on the Circle, you can pause the internet in your home. Whether you need to pause the internet for just one child to ensure a distraction-free homework time, or the entire family’s service for dinner, the Circle can get it done with one click. See? You can bring everyone’s attention back to the family dinner table with one push. But, the Circle actually does so much more! Just look at the features it includes:

  • Time Limits: set customized time limits for each family member on apps, platforms, or categories… or set a total online time for the entire day
  • BedTime: save both a bedtime and awake time for each family member and device to automatically connect and disconnect from the internet
  • OffTime: schedule Internet-Free times during the day and week
  • Insights: see the total time spent online and where, either by day, week, or month

Of course, it isn’t all about setting limits. With Circle, you can also incentives or rewards to your children with the Rewards setting. With just another push of a button, you can send a reward to one of your family members. Did they take out the trash without being asked? Reward them with extra screen time. Were they exceptionally kind to each other for a whole day? Reward them with late BedTime. Are they researching a charitable project? Reward them by disabling OffTime. Whatever the reason, Circle with Disney makes it quick and easy with a push of a button in the app. The recipient is instantly notified and you feel better knowing you could give the a small token of gratitude for the day.

Circle with Disney

Oh, and don’t worry about their smartphone or other on-the-go devices. Circle Go walks out the door with them. It takes all the settings of the Circle and extends them to the 4G LTE and any other Wi-Fi network they join while on their device. This means you can still easily manage their usage even while they’re away from the house. Plus, the app gives you all the insights and control from the palm of your hand. Of course, you might even find out where you spend most of your time online and decide to step away for a while. Circle Go is available via monthly subscription at $9.95 for up to 10 devices.

Circle with Disney app

Which Circle feature would you use most? 

Considering our kids are home all day and use the internet for their schooling, we can easily monitor their usage to make sure they stay on task. Plus, we can pause the internet for mealtimes and reward the girls for finishing their school work early, doing chores without being asked, and schedule BedTime to remind them of when it’s time to get some sleep.

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