antique washing machine

New Home Tour :: Front Entry, Welcome Inside

There’s something to be said about the first impression you give your guests when they enter your home.

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As the door opens and you invite them inside, you want them to feel welcome.

To feel at home.

With 9 months of building to think this through, Colby and I still got into our house and were unsure about our entryway.

Home Tour :: Front Entry

Front Entry

In fact, we knew how we wanted the overall look and feel of the house to be, but had to find all the pieces to make it work.

Now, 3 months into the house, and after battling black mold, we have finally begun to complete a few rooms.

vintage milk can and washer

I say a few because I am still searching for that “perfect” piece in some of the rooms.

But, the front entry and sitting room are (mostly) done, and since I wanted to give you a tour of our home, it seemed appropriate to start here anyways.

Therefore, as I said, the first impression is what people remember. Think about homes you’ve entered for the first time.

How did they make you feel?

Magnolia Market accent pieces

I wanted something open and airy, as well as comfortable.

Keeping with our suburban farmhouse theme, we found several items on a recent trip to Magnolia Market .

I can always hit the mother-load there! Joanna Gaines is my decorating idol.

wood and metal mounted basket

We found a wood and metal mounted basket that we adored while at The Silos and took a picture of how it was decorated.

Then we walked the Market looking for all the pieces and re-created (to some degree) it at home.

I love every piece of it!

Old books without covers are quickly becoming one of my favorite decor pieces to work with.

antique books without covers

They are extremely versatile and so fun to use!

Of course, as an avid book reader and longtime bookworm, I may be biased.

Additionally, I find great joy in pulling in antiques I find at my parents’ house!

This old washing machine has been sitting in a back room of theirs for quite some time.

vintage-inspired laundry soap boxes

It used to sit in my grandparent’s mountain cabin and I have pictures of myself using it as a teenager.

I asked my mom if I could have it and brought it home with me. It is not only amazing, but it also makes a beautiful, bold focal point in our front entryway.

I was even able to locate a few vintage-inspired laundry soap boxes on Amazon to embellish the look a bit more.

rain boots and flowers

Plus, my neighbor brought me a washboard to complete the washroom feel, along with a milk jug Colby picked up at The Silos.

The rain boots were an accidental decor piece. They were left there by one of the girls but I just felt like they worked well in the space.

So, I stuck some flowers in, and there they stayed.

act justly walk humbly

Because I love quotes, we also found a couple of metal pieces while at Magnolia Market back in September that we wanted to incorporate into the new house.

I thought this quote perfectly dictated our family’s mission statement toward our guests and each other.

entry shelf and wooden love sign

The grey shelf hung in our old office and was used quite practically to hold my jackets.

With a coat closet now doing that job, this little shelf serves its real purpose. More flowers (my kids bought me bundles of artificial flowers for my birthday since I am becoming obsessed with them) and antique books help to draw the entire area together.

With one more touch of Magnolia Market as well… a Seed + Supply cap from the Waco store.

antiques and flowers

Every piece transports me back to a time when things were simpler. I adore odds and ends from years past.

I enjoy seeing the old meet the new and blend in such a way to create an enjoyable and charming space.

I hope that others feel that way as they enter—welcome and at home.

Home Tour :: Sitting Room

Home Tour :: Sitting Room