With all the quarantines, perhaps it seems that maybe all of us homeschoolers weren’t so crazy after all? And I say that with as much sincerity as I can through text.

Free Education and Homeschool Resources

Our 14 year old was at an event with peers a few weeks ago and they were bashing homeschoolers. Although hurt by their words, she stood up for herself and supported our family’s decision.

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But, that’s a big part of it.

It was our decision.

We spent years praying about it. Talking about it. Developing a plan for how to homeschool.

Many of you finding yourself left without options currently didn’t have that opportunity. You’ve been thrown into this based on the decision of others.

Now you’re having to ask yourself,

How Do I Teach My Children at Home?

And I get that. So, I’m here to help with some free educational resources to utilize during this time since I’m currently seeing plenty of traffic on my How to Homeschool for Free Using Google post.

After all, with over 17 years of homeschooling under our belts, this is an area we know a bit about.

The following lists includes educational resources especially for schools to use during the closure in addition to free homeschool resources, games, and printables.

Basically, ways for your children to stay engaged in learning during the school closures and extended spring break periods.

Without further ado,

free educational resources:

*only for affected schools due to coronavirus

  1. 2Simple Purple Mash *
  2. Age of Learning (including ABCMouse.com) *
  3. Ambleslide Online
  4. American Chemistry Society
  5. American Museum of Natural History ‘Ologies
  6. Anatomy Arcade
  7. Book Creator *
  8. BrainPOP *
  9. Breakout Edu Free Digital Games
  10. Buncee *
  11. CENTURY *
  12. CheckMath
  13. CK-12
  14. ClassDojo
  15. ClassHook *
  16. CMU CS ACADEMY Computer Science Curriculum
  17. Conjugemos Foreign Languages Games & Activities
  18. Curriki
  19. DeltaMath
  20. Discovery Education Experience *
  21. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool (K to 8th)
  22. Easy Peasy All-in-One High School (9 to 12th)
  23. Emile *
  24. Epic! (free 30-day trial)
  25. Exploratorium Virtual Museum Exhibits
  26. FactMonster
  27. Family Games
  28. Fiveable
  29. Fluency Matters *
  30. Free Lesson Plans
  31. Free Math
  32. Gamilab fun and easy educational games
  33. Google Classroom
  34. The Happy Scientist Freebies
  35. Head of the Class
  36. HippoCampus Resources from Middle School to College
  37. History of US
  38. izzit.org
  39. Khan Academy (a favorite resource of ours)
  40. Learning Page
  41. Lesson Pathways
  42. Libby (utilizes library card to access digital and audio books)
  43. Listenwise *
  44. Logic Self-Taught
  45. McGrawHill Science Texts, Activity Books and Labs
  46. MobyMax
  47. MusicFirst Classroom *
  48. Mystery Science
  49. NASA Lesson Plans
  50. Official SAT Prep
  51. Parlay FREE through 4/30/2020
  52. PebbleGo *
  53. Plain and not so Plain
  54. PBS Learning Media
  55. Pixar in a Box
  56. Printable Maps
  57. Printable Worksheets
  58. School Express
  59. Science Coloring Pages from Home Training Tools
  60. Scholastic Learn at Home
  61. Shmoop
  62. SmartMusic *
  63. Social Studies for Kids
  64. Supercharged Science Freebie
  65. Teachers Pay Teachers Freebies
  66. Teach with Me
  67. The Homeschool Mom Unit Studies
  68. Time for Kids
  69. Typing Club
  70. Virtual Museum Tours
  71. Vooks kid-safe streaming library (30 day FREE trial)
  72. World History for Us All
  73. Zearn

Also, one quick note from a seasoned homeschool family, the actual education part of a school day doesn’t have to last 8 hours!

A lot of hours spent in a traditional school setting are spent in lines, walking to classes, listening to a teacher’s instructions, or other day time work.

When you’re working at home, it’s a much more independent, student-led study time. Things can be done at the individual child’s pace and learning style, which often doesn’t require a full eight hour day.

We get all schoolwork done, typically at least 4 courses a day, in around 3-4 hours a day. It all depends on the subject, the student, teacher, lesson and busy work.

Most of all,


There are plenty of homeschool groups on Facebook where you can reach out for help as needed. There are several of us who have been doing this long enough we can help you walk through this.

You’re not alone.

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