Fun Things To Do At Home with Kids: 89+ Family Activities for All Ages

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my family. They are my absolute favorite people in the world, and I love the bond we have. Not only Colby and I with our kids, but their sibling bonds as well.

Fun Things To Do At Home with Kids: 89 Family Activities for All Ages

Things To Do At Home

We take great pride in how well we’ve been able to help foster a family environment of love among our family of nine.

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We believe that the relationships built in the home help us all foster better relationships outside the home. I constantly remind my children how important it is to start inside the house first.

“If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”

Mother Teresa

They can’t love others and treat them with respect if (1) they can’t do that for themselves and (2) if they can’t do that for their siblings.

For more reference, benefits of family bonding includes:

  • Cultivates love
  • Encourages communication
  • Strengthens healthy relationships & connections
  • Reinforces respect and inclusivity
  • Boosts social skills
  • Invites loyalty
  • Bolsters confidence and self-worth
  • Promotes listening and learning from others
  • Creates laughter
  • Develops leaders
  • Emboldens happiness and gratitude

I could honestly go on and on. And with two adult children already grown and out on their own, I can see the results of this in my own family.

Knowing all of that, it’s no surprise we love finding fun things to do at home with kids. As our children grow, we simply adjust the rules here and there, or find new things to do.

We’ve found that it’s truly all about the quality time you put in.

Ready to start planning your family day?

Here are 89 family activities for all ages:

Indoor Activities

  1. karaoke night
  2. board games
  3. card games
  4. host a tea party
  5. indoor camping
  6. blanket races (one person sits on blanket while other pulls)
  7. old fashioned pillow fight
  8. hide-and-seek or the reverse (one person hides, everyone else seeks)
  9. play “would you rather”
  10. puzzles
  11. game of telephone (first person starts by whispering a phrase into neighbor’s ear and it passes along until said aloud by last person)
  12. indoor scavenger hunt
  13. painting party
  14. Science projects
  15. decorate shirts with markers or a Cricut
  16. indoor movie night
  17. charades
  18. International Theme Night (pick a country; cook recipes, create crafts, and dress up to celebrate what you learn about it)
  19. enjoy a staycation
  20. put together a family time capsule
  21. put on a magic show
  22. make homemade ice cream
  24. have a talent show
  25. paper airplane contest
  26. host a family game show
  27. play dominoes or create domino chains to knock over
  28. dance party
  29. truth or dare
  30. dress up and have formal night (let the kids play restaurant)
  31. play BINGO
  32. create a family vision board
  33. set up your own escape room
  34. host a murder mystery dinner (several free versions here)
  35. choreograph a dance
  36. design a family board game
  37. virtual museum tours
  38. blind taste test
  39. watch old family videos
  40. Minute-to-Win It competition
  41. have a family photo shoot
  42. spa day
  43. craft night
  44. coloring contest
  45. fashion show
  46. put on a play
  47. declutter for yard sale
  48. Mad-Libs

Outdoor Activities

  1. backyard picnic
  2. stargazing
  3. geocaching
  4. outdoor movie night
  5. four square
  6. tetherball
  7. cornhole tournament
  8. create an outdoor obstacle course
  9. take a scenic drive
  10. backyard Olympics
  11. family field day
  12. NERF carnival games
  13. eat S’mores
  14. play tag or other classic outside games
  15. jump rope contest
  16. tent camping
  17. water balloon games
  18. make a giant slip and slide with a tarp and water sprinkler
  19. nature scavenger hunt
Curiosity leads to creativity and ingenuity

Preschool Activities

  1. cardboard box play
  2. shaving cream
  3. create with building blocks
  4. animal charades
  5. make slime, play-dough, floam
  6. sticker art
  7. yogurt painting
  8. DIY stamps
  9. put on a puppet show
  10. have story time
  11. sidewalk chalk
  12. play shadow puppets
  13. paint with sponges
  14. play dress-up
  15. finger painting
  16. thread cereal on a string
  17. create sensory bags
  18. ice cube fun
  19. bubbles
  20. tissue paper collages
  21. water play
  22. create thumbprint pictures
  23. Catch bugs, pick flowers and leaves, or collect stones from your backyard and discover what these are made of with a help of a kids microscope.

Most of these family activities can be done with things already found around your house. Otherwise, they can still be relatively cheap to do. Ingredients for a recipe or supplies for a craft and you’re good to go!

What are your family’s favorite things to do at home?

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