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Whimsical Tea Party Tips and Etiquette

Considering our oldest daughter will be 19 soon, Colby and I have attended many tea parties over the years. Alas, whereas Cheyenne just wanted to sit and serve us tea and drinks, her younger sisters bring more to the table (so to speak). When they are involved there are more rules.

tea party tips and etiquette

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Tea Party Tips and Etiquette

The first rule of a tea party? Tell everyone. That’s right! Invite your family, friends, stuffed animals… brother. It’s a party so you want to make sure to share the food and fun with others. They had a new Whimsy and Wonder tea set and were ready to share it.

Whimsy and Wonder tea set

But, after that, the party tips and etiquette “get real” according to my girls. Take a look at the rules way up above and I will do my best to explain them below:

  1. Pinky is always out. Like… always. I was not allowed to sip my drink or eat my snacks without my pinky out. Now, I have read this may not be a custom anymore, but in our house, it is imperative to the girls. So, pinky out! Their stuffed friends did their best.
    stuffed animal tea party
  2. Keep chest straight. Now, I missed the explanation of this one, but I believe it has to do with proper posture. With your chest out and back straight, you are sitting up nice and tall. Feet on the ground… and back to #1.
  3. Use manners. Self-explanatory really. Be nice. Say, “please” and “thank you.” Make sure to ask to “be excused” before leaving the table. It was a glorious time listening to them “use their manners.” If only they could do it all the time!
    daddy daughter tea party
  4. Always wear a beautiful dress or tutu. Well, Daddy got a pass on this one. But, he did throw on a nice cardigan and was the perfect date for the girls. The Whimsy & Wonder Deluxe Dress was the perfect combination of both! The beautiful shimmering dress had exquisite accents and is made of non-irritating fabrics. For our child with Sensory Processing Disorder that does not like to wear clothes, it proved to be ideal! She didn’t seem to be bothered by the material and had a fabulous time in the dress.
    Whimsy and Wonder dress up
  5. Love tea. That is probably a good tip when attending a tea party. Fortunately though, if you want to try something other than tea, our tea party also featured Raspberry Lemonade and water. A signature drink just for your party is a terrific idea and helps set the theme.
  6. Be a princess. Ummm… my girls may be obsessed with princesses. So, if you want to skip this one that is fine. Otherwise, be a princess! Live it up and enjoy the moment as royalty during your party. Princess Pup was glad to oblige though.
    Princess Pup
  7. Love yourself. Did I mention the girls came up with these all on their own? The fact that they added this last rule makes me ecstatic. The one thing I tell them over and over is to “Be You.” The fact that they know how important it is to just love yourself melts my heart. A great tip… and fabulous advice!

Now, a few others they may not have on the list, but that they did or repeated during the tea party:

  • No elbows on the table. Okay, may go with “use your manners” but they were adamant about this one!
  • Decorate your party space. They put out flowers. Decorated a chalkboard. And even played music to set the tone.
    tea party decorations
  • Unplug during the tea party. The girls had a hat set aside and collected our phones as we sat down at the table. Love that!
  • Have entertainment. After we chatted over our tea and lemonade, we played a few games that include Musical Chairs and Pictionary (one of our favorites).

What Tea Party Tips and Etiquette ideas do you practice at your parties?

Whimsical and Wonder helped make our tea party amazing. Whimsy & Wonder is available at Target and is perfect for little girls with BIG imaginations!