Zoës Kitchen Chicken Salad Sandwich Voted 1 of Best Kids-Menu Dishes

As parents, we tend to look for the best eating options for our kids… especially when dining out. Fortunately for us, Parents Magazine recently did some research and found this year’s “20 Best Kids-Menu Dishes of 2015.”

Zoës Chicken Salad Sandwich

And I was pretty excited to see one of our family favorites on the list: Zoës Kitchen Chicken Salad Sandwich.

No, I may not be a kid, but Zoës Kitchen Chicken Salad Sandwich is seriously what I order every time I go. Personally, I think Zoës Kitchen definitely has the best chicken salad recipe.

Zoës Kitchen Chicken Salad Sandwich

I look at the other options and want to try them all, but I hate to miss my opportunity to enjoy a good chicken sandwich.

The amazing thing is, our kids truly enjoy the great taste of Zoës Kitchen Chicken Salad Sandwich as well.

What’s in Zoës Kitchen chicken salad?

The chicken salad sandwich is made from scratch (which I LOVE) with ingredients that feature lean, all white chicken, mayo, celery and seasonings on 7-grain bread, and served with orange slices (which the kids LOVE).

Parents 20 Best Kids-Menu Dishes

Not to mention, it is only 440 calories and contains 25g fat. It is the perfect healthy menu item for lunch or dinner… for the entire family.

Zoes Kitchen Hummus Trio

Of course, Zoës Kitchen also serves several other wholesome, healthy menu options in addition their delicious chicken salad that includes 2 new menu items:

  • Mediterranean Chicken entrée — lean, grilled chicken breast, marinated with Zoës Kitchen “Spice of Life,” lemon juice, and garlic, topped with caramelized onions, and balanced with a side of Greek salad and rosemary white beans
  • Hummus Trio— made from scratch in the restaurant daily; Zoës signature classic hummus, as well as 2 new flavors: Basil Pesto Hummus and Red Pepper Hummus

Zoës Kitchen blends a Mediterranean-inspired menu with good, old-fashioned Southern hospitality. It is a fast-casual restaurant and you are always served with a smile and amazing attitude!

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