Fresh Ingredients and Original Recipes Served at Zoës Kitchen

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In today’s fast-paced world, it can be tempting to stop and grab “fast food” to get us from meal to meal while on the go. Therefore, I was excited when I was invited to try the Grand Opening for a local restaurant.

Original Recipes

Zoës Kitchen

This modern, fast-casual restaurant concept offered something different than what I was used to: fresh ingredients and original recipes. In fact, Zoës Kitchen features Mediterranean-inspired comfort food based on recipes passed down from Zoë herself.

Zoës offers a menu rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans and seeds that are common in Mediterranean dishes. Plus, each recipe is made from scratch and are both microwave and fryer free.

Additionally, Zoës not only offers a gluten-free menu, but they also have many choices available for both vegetarians and those on a vegan diet. And Zoës’ Simply 500 Menu offers a few modified favorites from the regular menu that contain at or less than 500 calories each.

These selections include: Chicken Kabobs, Spinach Roll Ups or Veggie Pizza.

Fresh Ingredients

My oldest daughter accompanied me to lunch and it took us a while to go over all of our choices. Everything looked great but we could not decide.

After a few suggestions, she decided on the Turkey Sandwich while I chose the Chicken Salad Sampler so I could taste a few things at once! Oh, and I am so glad I did.

First off, the Chicken Salad was truly one of the best I have ever tasted. It was explained that they pull the chicken fresh each day and you could definitely taste the freshness. It was delicious!

It was served with a side of pita bread that was soft and puffy and just delightful.

Chicken Salad

But my plate came with so much more. I went around my plate trying each recipe so I would know which I had to leave for last. Yes, I am silly that way, but like to save the best for last. It was a hard choice but the Chicken Salad was the last thing I ate!

Anyways, the pasta was completely different than ones I had tried before and had just a hint of a tomato sauce taste to it. Although unexpected, it was quite pleasing to the palate.

I moved onto the Potato Salad and ate half before I decided I might have to leave it for last as well. The baby reds were savory and so very tempting as I made my way around the plate.

Finally, I was unsure about the Marinated Slaw since I had never had a vinaigrette based slaw… but WOW! The feta cheese in the slaw gave it just the right burst of flavor and was heavenly to devour.

And devour I did! I saved none for the take-home box I was carrying to my husband. I think I am quickly becoming a fan of feta after that dish!

Turkey Sandwich

My daughter enjoyed her Turkey Sandwich. Still timid to move outside her little box of food she is used to, she picked something safe in her mind. But, she said the turkey was tasty and incredibly enticing. I tried some of her fresh fruit and it was delicious!

In fact, I tried it because she told me I had to after being impressed with how juicy the pineapple was. I took one bite of the watermelon and it was some of the sweetest I had tasted. Amazing how even the fruit tasted better at Zoës!

Last but most definitely not least … was dessert! My daughter and I decided to split a piece of Yaya’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake after our meal.

I am not typically a chocolate cake fan but I could not help myself with this one. The cake was not too rich and incredibly moist. The frosting had just the right amount of sweetness and together with the cake it was absolutely divine.

I cannot recommend the cake enough. It is a must after your meal!

Hand-Made Chocolate Cake

New Texas Location

Zoës means “life” in Greek, and that one word is the center of the company’s philosophy.  They also believe strongly in giving back to the community through both its children’s art programs and in-store fundraisers with non-profit groups.

Zoës’ believes in living a balanced lifestyle and giving people wholesome options, so they can get out of the kitchen and spend more time at the table connecting with family and friends.

Zoës Kitchen is the perfect place for busy people who want to eat well with a little help from a friendly, neighborhood kitchen.

They just opened a new location in Flower Mound, Texas, that brings the total locations across the U.S. to 66 since it was first founded in Alabama in 1995. Guests can dine in, order online, or call ahead for takeout. 

Zoës also offers fully prepared Dinners for Four, side dishes by the pint, and a catering menu that includes box lunches, party trays, and meals for large groups.

Learn more about all that Zoës Kitchen has to offer by finding a location near you and browsing their menu online.