Grandparent's Day

My kids only have one set of grandparents… long story… but that is all they really need. My parents are amazing and are always ready and willing to do what they can to spend time with the kids. In fact, my parents have 11 grandchildren and love them all. I was raised to know how important family is and my parents continue that with my niece and nephews. (Yes… 1 niece… I have the other 4 girls in the family). Ok… just had to throw that out there because I can.

Grandparent's Day

Fun Activities for Grandparent’s Day

Anyways… Sunday, September 9th is Grandparent’s Day! A day made just for celebrating the amazing role and legacy that grandparents play in our lives. Hopefully your children are blessed with at least one grandparent that is able to spend quality time with them. And, in that case, here are a few fun activities for Grandparent’s Day we compiled.

  • Grandparent’s Day Poems – Have your children sit and write a poem about what their grandparents mean to them. Print it out of stationary or maybe decorate a frame and display it that way. You can even have a little more fun with it and grab a camcorder. Recite the poem and give them the DVD to hold onto to watch again and again at their own leisure.
  • Grandparent Interview – Grab a pen and paper and sit down for an interview. Research their time period before hand and ask them about historical events you are curious about. For example, “Do you remember where you were when JFK was shot?” Or maybe, “What was it like seeing Elvis Presley in person?” You can even ask more personal, family questions such as, “Where did you live when Aunt Sue was born?” Have fun with it and really get to know your grandparent through conversation.
  • Family Tree – Why not take the interview a step further and create a family tree? Learn about your Great-Grandparents and listen to stories as as your grandparents reminisce about their own childhood. Trace your family history and become familiar with the many branches of your family tree. Perhaps you can even jump online and, together, explore and dive deeper into your family’s genealogy.

However you celebrate the day simply love on your Grandparents if you can. “I love you” can sure go a long way pretty easily.

Happy Grandparent’s Day!