Prepping to Host a Disney Villains Party

Showing our Disney Side is not exactly tough. Disney toys, movies, clothes, shoes, even bedding are found throughout our home. Therefore, when we signed up to host a Disney Side party, we were simply excited about the possibilities. When the box arrived our theme was revealed: Disney Villains.

Disney Villains party - Maleficent

Disney Villains

There was not much at the stores as far as Disney Villains, so we had to be creative with what we had. We, of course, scoured Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration.

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We found plenty of amazing ideas for Maleficent and decided she would be the head of our Disney Villain party.

After all, she has been termed by some as “one of the most sinister” of the Disney Villains. I mean, she did curse a baby.

Alas, we were going to make her amazing for our party… simply because we could.

Maleficent inspired gumballs

We sent out party invites and began the planning. What would the girls do? What would they eat? Drink? Everything had to be decided upon and the shopping completed.

Fortunately, Disney sent a fabulous selection of products for us to use for our party as well.

Plenty of plates, cups and napkins, plus a tablecloth and centerpiece ideas. Everything we needed to get started on our tablescape. It was up to us to dress it up a little.

Maleficent paper horns

I began with a simple printable based on a quote I saw while doing some searching online. The quote was perfect and I decided it would make the ideal theme for our party.

We printed it out, framed it and placed it on the table, sandwiched between a few Maleficent products we already had around the house.

Together, they created a fabulous centerpiece and became the center of conversation as the party began.

without a villain there is no story

This is where the foods came into play. The girls actually wanted to keep it quite easy… and I couldn’t help but agree.

We were having the party in the late afternoon (between meal times) and the girls simply wanted to be able to play and hang out with their friends.

Therefore, a few simple snacks was all we really needed. We put out a cheese and cracker tray as an element of substance, and then the fun foods.

yogurt covered grapes

One of the favorites for the event was the punch actually. It’s a Lime Sherbet Punch that I have been enjoying since I was a child and have passed the love onto my children.

Their friends thought it was just as fabulous as we did.

It is easy to make and literally takes 2 minutes:

Add equal parts Sprite and Ginger Ale to a bowl. Scoop in lime sherbet, per your desired consistency. Serve.

See what I mean? Done.

You can know move onto to other projects… such as enjoying the party. If you run out, which we did twice, simply gather the ingredients and make it again. 

It was our “Magic Potion” for the party’s purposes.

Maleficent horn cupcakes

We also tried to make mini caramel apples  (dyed black for a villain-ish appeal). Ummm… they would be qualified as a “Pinterest fail.”

No matter how hard or how many times I tried, the caramel would not stay on the apples. At all. It was quite frustrating actually, but the party went on without them, and no one knew any different.

So, there was that.

Otherwise, we did get our yogurt-dipped and sprinkled grapes to work out. As well as our Duff Tie-DyeCupcakes (we made them green, purple, and black) with Maleficent horns made from chocolate fondant (roll it into sausage shape and cut in half; from into horns).

And the girls loved them! So, that was a win.

My Image Bracelet Maker

Really though, the girls just wanted to play with their friends.

We made Maleficent masks for the girls using a Disney template and they then took pictures wearing them for their My Image Bracelet Maker.

Using the app for the bracelets, we were able to quickly print and cut their pictures so that each girl went home with a finished bracelet.

Pin Maleficent horns on Mickey

But not before a game of pin the Maleficent horns on Mickey Mouse. Ha!

They decided that their horns had many uses and would be ideal for the game. It actually worked out pretty well.

Mostly though, the girls had an amazing time together and the guests each went home with fabulous Disney party favors!