DIY Tips: 6 Ways To Make Your Own Candle Molds

Candle making is an easy, inexpensive craft that will allow you to create candles for all types of purposes.

From home décor to personalized gifts, you can make exactly what you want and give your items a personal touch by creating your candle molds. You don’t need any special tools or supplies, and you probably have most of the materials around the house already.

Candles can be made for all types of purposes and in all shapes and sizes. If you want to DIY your candles, you can look for candle moulds in Australia or search online to get some ideas and inspiration on what their candle mold looks like and how they make their candle. 

By using candle making wax, you can create personalized candle gifts and add a personal touch to your home décor.

DIY Tips 6 Ways To Make Your Own Candle Molds

Here are six ways to create your own candle molds:

  1. Steel Cans

Steel cans can be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. They’re also great for candle holders, planters, storage containers, and vases.

You can even use them as plant holders or a small outdoor table. You can remove the labels from steel cans with a hair dryer or soak them in warm water overnight. You could also spray paint over your label if you don’t want it anymore.

  1. Ceramic Dishes

If you want to make your candle molds using ceramic dishes, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

First, the dish must be oven safe and dry. This is important because water can weaken the clay, making it more likely to chip or crack in the oven.

If your plate has been sitting in water for an extended period (and therefore become wet), let it air dry before using it as a candle mold.

Next, choose a wax with similar properties as what you’re using on your plate’s surface, so one doesn’t melt faster than another.

  1. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are an excellent option for candle molds. A plastic bottle with a wide mouth will allow you to pour the wax into it from above, while one with a narrow mouth requires that you put your wick through the opening before pouring. 

If your plastic container has a screw-on cap, unscrew it and pour out what’s left of whatever liquid was previously stored there (this might be soda or kombucha).

For flip top caps covering both ends of the bottle, cut off one end so an opening is big enough to fit your wick through. Using plastic bottles could be nice for your home holiday.

  1. Tin Cups

Tin cups are the easiest to find, but you’ll have to scavenge for them. Tin cups are easy to use, clean, store, and stack. They’re also easy to label. 

Here’s how:

  • Find a tin cup with a lid that fits tightly over the cup—this will help keep your candle wax from leaking out during the cooling process.
  • Pour your melted wax into the tin cup until it is about ¾ of the way complete—you don’t want it too filled because then there won’t be enough room for water when you’re pouring into your molds later.
  • Once all of your candles are cooled down completely (about 15 minutes), remove them from their molds and pop off any excess wax using either a knife or pliers if need be—make sure not to cut through any other part of your candle, though.
  1. Ice Cubes

The easiest way to make a candle mold is by using ice cubes. If you have a hot glue gun, this process will be even easier.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Begin by placing your ice cube on top of the surface that you want your candle to be made from. Make sure that there’s enough room for all sides of your ice cube to be covered in wax once it melts and drips down into a pool at the bottom of your plate or whatever surface it may be sitting on (which will also serve as your mold). If there’s not enough space, move some things around so that there’s more wiggle room for your melted wax, or try using smaller pieces of ice instead.
  • Melt the edges of each side until they begin dripping down onto other parts of itself or other surfaces below them (making sure everything stays relatively level throughout this process). 
  1. Balloons

One of the easiest ways to create candle molds is with a balloon. By blowing up the balloon and tying it off with string, you can use it as your candle mold.

This is especially good if you have an idea for a shape, you would like your candle to be in.


Making your candle molds is easy, affordable, and fun. You can make candles as gifts for friends and family or decorate your home.

Making candles is a great way to relax after a long day or as a weekend hobby.