Decorate for a Rustic Wedding at Nebraska Furniture Mart

We have 6 months of planning left, Y’all! 6 months! In wedding planning terminology, that might as well be a week! Therefore, we are at that stage where everywhere we go we are on the hunt. Last week, during our Texas snow storm, we decided to head to the private event at Nebraska Furniture Mart to take a look. WOW!

Nebraska Furniture Mart The Colony

Nebraska Furniture Mart

First, when I say “we” I mean almost my whole family. All 8 of us plus my parents and my sister and her kids. We were there for almost 4 hours! It’s a store, People! 4 hours! But, it really didn’t feel like that long. In fact, we were surprised when we figured out how long we had been there. The sales associates even began saying things like, “Didn’t I see you when I got here to start my shift?” Yes, yes you did.

Nebraska Furniture Mart grey white decor

Honestly, we met so many great associates walking the store. Each one was so willing to help us and answer all our questions. They even explained the red, yellow and green tags. One gave us the best hint:

Think of it as a traffic light: red means stop (it’s the last piece in the store); yellow means maybe (there may be a new one in the warehouse); and green means go (there are several in stock so you’re good).

Another detailed the way the electronic price tags work. Twice a day, the computers scan for lower prices on the products. They then update the price tag right then to competitively display the new adjusted price, as needed. This means you are definitely getting the lowest price in the area! No shopping around and driving store-to-store.

Nebraska Furniture flowers in wheelbarrow

My parents bought new leather living room furniture. My sister bought a new dining room table. But, my daughter and I were completely entranced in the decor we saw throughout the store. So many pieces that would be perfect for the wedding!

rustic wedding at Nebraska Furniture Mart

They had decorative bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Nebraska Furniture Mart chalkboard stand

There were chalkboards that sat on tables, stood on easels, and even stuck in the ground.

Nebraska Furniture Mart jars

Not to mention, rustic frames and galvanized steel… everything.

galvanized steel and bottles for wedding planning

So many fabulous pieces that would work perfect for a rustic wedding.

wedding planning at Nebraska Furniture Mart

My daughter could not stop pointing out things. I was trying to pay attention to the items she was looking at while still taking in the things I liked. It was overwhelming… but in a good sense.

Nebraska Furniture Mart wedding kitchen decor

Why? Because it looks like we will be able to get all of the wedding decor we need straight from Nebraska Furniture Mart! That, for us, makes things a lot easier. One less stress as near the wedding date. After all, Nebraska Furniture Mart is going to save us so much time.

This post is NOT written on behalf of Nebraska Furniture Mart. I simply wanted to share some cool things we found!