12 Months of Dates for Couples w/Printables

Marriage is hard. Going into it thinking it is easy will only set you up for failure. This is why I sat down and planned out 12 month of dates ideas for my oldest daughter and her fiancé.

Monthly Date Ideas for Couples

Monthly Date Ideas

Giving them the best possible advice before the big day was important to me. This was my gift to them: a year of dates.

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Top Golf

This place is crazy popular around here and I knew they loved going. I bought a gift certificate online and printed it for the envelope. I then reminded them of how God “will make your paths straight” as promised in Proverbs.

In the same way you want to direct that golf ball, it is important to pray and ask for God to guide your direction in your marriage.

Thrift Store Swap

Giving each of them $10 to spend on this fun, cheap date idea, they have been instructed to head into a Thrift Store and buy something for the other.

They must then “understand the sentiment and appreciate the thought” while being “full of gratitude and kindness no matter what.

I reminded them that, “Love is a choice you make every day. It is a verb to be lived out daily and to its fullest.” Even when you are not happy with the things they do, still continue to CHOOSE to love them.

12 Months of Dates for Couples w/Printables

Date Night In

As silly as it may sound, being intentional in any time together is essential. Spending quality time together in the comfort of your own home can actually be awkward for some couples.

I want them to be comfortable with it. I gave them new cooking utensils, dish towels, an apron, cookbook and gift cards for buying ingredients to create the perfect at home date.

Oh, and we included a Roku for picking out a movie to watch. (That was Colby’s idea) to add to his fun date idea for couples.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

With each unique monthly date idea, I included a scripture.

The one that accompanied this one is Amos 3:3, “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” The point of the hunt and verse?

Learning to respect each other even in their differences. There was a printed Scavenger Hunt Checklist and $25 Visa gift card to use while at the mall.

Mall Scavenger Hunt
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These are the last four date ideas for couples of the year. 

Being purposeful in deciding which year of date idea should accompany each month was important to me. I prayed over each one and am hopeful that it will perhaps establish a routine in their marriage of spending quality time together.


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