12 Months of Date Ideas for Couples with Printables – Part 1

Our oldest daughter gets married in August. This is our new reality.

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I would be lying if I said it was an easy thing to accept. It’s going to be an emotional year for all of us in a couple of ways.

12 Months of Date Ideas for Couples with Printables - Part 1

My biggest worry, with everything my kids do, is watching them make the same mistakes I have made. I want them to learn from my mistakes; not repeat them.

12 Months of Dates

With this in mind, I decided to give Cheyenne and her fiancé, Nic, a special gift this year for Christmas. It took me a few weeks to compile and figure it all out, but I gave them 12 months of dates.

Basically, 12 fun and unique date ideas for each month to carry them through their first year as a married couple.

It was actually quite fun to put together the date ideas for each month and I was proud of the finished product.

Here are the first 4 themed romantic date nights and an idea of what I included for each of them.

I also divided up the envelopes  – 6 for each – with alternating months. They were each put in charge of the monthly date ideas in their bundle.

Fancy Dinner

Although this cheap date idea includes a fancy dinner out with a gift card, the scripture is all about humility. It’s important to learn that in a marriage there is no room for a self-serving love.

Besides, you must learn humility or it will be handed to you. It’s a tough lesson to learn the hard way. Colby and I have been there.

I want them to be selfless in their service for others in order to be humbled in their love for each other.

12 months of dates

Valentine’s Day

Because February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle, I decided this was a month to give them more than a cute date idea, so we decided to give them a romantic getaway.

I explained, “Your relationship is worth every moment of your time together.” Understanding the need for intentional quality time is a must. It presents opportunities for growth.

Growth is necessary in any relationship. They were given a voucher for travel (we will be looking for Groupon deals on hotels), luggage, and Southwest gift cards for airfare.

Picnic Date

Packed in a picnic basket filled with 2 plates, utensils, napkins, plastic cups, and a blanket, I emphasized the importance of communication.

The breakdown of communication in our marriage is what ultimately led to our separation.

Therefore, we are now more intentional about how we communicate and are thriving. I want the same for them. I included conversation starters to get them talking during this date idea.

Skittles Bowling

From the instructions I gave them, “Life is going to throw you curve balls. It’s inevitable. There is no telling what may come. Whether it is a wrench in your career, trouble in your marriage, or any other crazy scenario, hold on to the love you have.”

A gift card to a local bowling alley, a bag of Skittles, and a printed list of instructions have them ready to go on this creative date-a-month idea.

These are the first four date ideas for couples for the year.

Each month has its own envelope with a list of supplies, scripture, and any instructions. Plus, there is a letter full of my thoughts and how the date is meant to encourage a better marriage.

That is my prayer for them both. An amazing marriage. Not expecting perfect. But amazing would be ideal.

Find the next 4 months of dates here.
And the last 4 months of dates, with more printables, here.

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