Something wedding gift idea

Something Old, Something New Wedding Gift Idea

We have less than 2 weeks until our daughter’s wedding. 2 weeks, Y’all! It’s getting all sorts of crazy in a variety of ways.

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From getting the little details put together to finalizing all the vendors. Wedding dress and tux fittings to last-minute caterer menus.

Something wedding gift collection

Something” Wedding Gift Idea

So much to do in these final few weeks before the wedding day. One thing we have checked off our list is the Couple’s Shower. Whew. One more thing down.

Now, as the procrastinator I am, I totally had to come up with a wedding gift for the bride and groom at the last minute.

Yes, my original plan was to simply head to the store and grab something off their wedding registry list.

That sounded simple enough… and really all they wanted or expected. But, of course, in true “Staci-fashion“, I had to do something else.

So, I stayed up far too late the night before, jumped on Photoshop, and began brainstorming. The “Something” wedding gift idea prevailed over my other ideas.

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

When I was done with the wedding gift, I was actually quite pleased! I designed a few tags that night and then went straight to the store the next morning.

Standing in the middle of Michaels with a variety of empty boxes, the girls and I did more brainstorming. People in the store probably thought we were crazy with all these boxes laid across the aisles; taking them in and out and in and out.

My brain was on overtime trying to figure this unique wedding gift out.

We found three boxes we really liked and went to the next store on our list.

Looking over their bridal registry items, we found something blue… and, well, the “new” was easy. Everything on the list fit that description. But we were really looking for that “bridal shower gift for the bride who has everything.”

This is my daughter.

Take a look at how the final wedding present idea for the couple came together.

something old wedding gift

Something Old

represents continuity; connects bride to her family and past

This September, Colby and I will celebrate our 21st year of marriage.

For our wedding, a cousin of mine gave us a Couple’s Devotional Bible . It is filled with devotions on many of the trials newlyweds face and was a great beginning place for us.

Therefore, I decided it would be the perfect “old” piece to pass along to Chey and Nic.

something new wedding gift

Something New

offers optimism for the future and prosperity

During the wedding ceremony itself, this obviously takes on a different meaning, but for the purpose of wedding gifting, I went with the literal meaning.

As I mentioned, this was the easiest gift to find because no matter what we decided on, it was new to the bride and her groom.

something borrowed wedding gift

Something Borrowed

symbolizes borrowed happiness

Perhaps the most sentimental marriage gift for me personally, this represented something so very important.

While researching its meaning, I found that it symbolizes “borrowed happiness” from another bride. A happily married couple the bride knows.

Not that Colby and I have had the smoothest marriage, but I would love for Chey and Nic to have what we do now. And a borrowed wedding veil is considered especially good luck, so Chey will be wearing my veil on her wedding day.

I represented that with a headband resting upon a few yards of tulle, with a picture of my mom fixing my veil on my wedding day. This one meant a lot to us all.

It was easily the best bridal gift.

something blue wedding gift

Something Blue

stands for purity, love, and fidelity

Traditionally, the blue color represented purity after the Virgin Mary because it is the color she wore.

For our bridal shower gift, we simply went down their registry list and found something blue on it.

We discovered that the quilt and pillow shams they registered for were a perfect shade of light blue.

Therefore, they worked great! Plus, the shams fit perfectly into the box we already purchased!

Something Old, Something New

Once home, we printed the tags on a piece of kraft cardstock, cut them out, and tied them onto the wedding gifts with burlap ribbon.

When they opened the original outside box, it was exciting to see their faces as they realized what was inside.

It was truly a winning wedding gift idea when it was all said and done… and completely worth the effort for the new Mr. and Mrs.

In fact, a little extra planning before you head to the store and the process should be painless. Ha!

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