Life is About Choices in Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants

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Have you ever thought of the choices we are given? Life often hands us situations that demands a choice, and we are free to choose based on our needs or wants. But not everyone has that freedom to choose.

Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants

The Disney Channel Descendants don’t. They are raised to be like their evil parents.

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Disney Channel Descendants

But when Prince Ben (Mitchell Hope), son of Beauty and the Beast, decides to bring the descendants of Maleficent (Kristin Chenoweth), Evil Queen (Kathy Nijimy), Jafar and Cruella De Vil to their present day idyllic kingdom, everyone thinks he has made the wrong choice.

Even his doting parents are not sure it’s his best decision, but they support him.

Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Jack Rowand

Once the four evil descendants (Carlos – played by Cameron Boyce, Mal, Evie and Jay) arrive, everyone, including the teens themselves, are surprised by the transition that takes place.

Mal (Dove Cameron), the daughter of Maleficent leads the group and battles with her evil past and her choices for the future.

Maleficent wants her to be just like her mom and reminds Mal that the “future of the free world rests on [her] shoulders.” No pressure!

Photo Credit: DISNEY CHANNEL/Jack Rowand

Not only does the movie begin with an incredible hip hop dance scene to the song, “Rotten to the Core“, but it features a great line-up of songs and choreography from Kenny Ortega.

In fact, watch for a modern version of “Be Our Guest” and as well as a song by SHAWN MENDEZ. Kids are sure to loop this soundtrack for a while!

Photo Credit: DISNEY CHANNEL/Jeff Weddell

Parents, there is more than music and dancing though! Being raised by villains isn’t easy. The youth begin to understand the lack of love they have been given throughout their lives.

They have no idea what love is… yet they seek it from their parents. By making their own choices, they discover that “love is not weak or ridiculous, it’s actually amazing.” 

Sit and watch Disney Descendants with your kids. It’s a perfect way to open up a conversation about making good choices. It airs on Disney Channel on Friday, July 31st.

Plus, it will be available on Disney DVD, and complete with never-before-seen bonus footage and a FREE bracelet! 

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