Kid-Friendly Portable Projector CINEMOOD

Kid-Friendly Portable Projector :: CINEMOOD

CINEMOOD is a portable projector with kid-friendly buttons, large storage capacity, up to a 5-hour battery life, and the ability to create up to a 12-foot projection on any flat surface.

Mistress of All Evil YA book

Fun Facts About Disney Villains Featuring Mistress of all Evil

Disclosure: Thanks to Disney-Hyperion for sending me a set of VILLAINS books, and for providing a prize pack! Have you ever found yourself rooting for the villain in your favorite Disney movie? There are times when—once we take a good look—that we can really put ourselves into the antagonist shoes. … Read more

Circle with Disney

Touch a Button, Pause the Internet with Circle with Disney

Have you been looking for a way to manage your child’s screen time? Need to filter content to ensure your children aren’t seeing things they shouldn’t be online? In today’s tech word, it’s a genuine concern for most parents. Circle with Disney offers you each of these features, and can actually … Read more

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