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Are you in the middle of wedding planning? We are. Knee deep. Our oldest daughter is getting married in August and we are in the midst of tying up the loose ends and doing their Wedding Registry. It has been quite a year as we work to make sure her wedding goes off without a hitch… well, except for the one where they say, “I do.”

marry me yes

Wedding Registry

For our daughter, Cheyenne, and her fiance, they are always ready to entertain. Whether it’s family or friends, they love to invite people over to cook for them. I am sure she got her passion for cooking from her dad, and she does it well. It’s definitely one of those life skills I am glad we were able to instill in her before moving her out on her own. And I am sure her fiance will appreciate it as well.

Best Buy wedding registry entertainment

Rachael Ray kitchenware is already some of Chey’s favorite pieces. In fact, we bought her the cookware last Christmas. Therefore, the Rachael Ray Chip and Dip Tray as well as the 3-Piece Salad Set will both be perfect additions to her growing collection. Add a Nostalgia Electrics Fondue Pot for those with a sweet tooth and they are ready for a friendly get-together at home.

Best Buy Wedding gifts

Of course, her fiance would not be happy unless coffee was somehow involved. Adding the Keurig 2.0 to their wedding registry, along with a fun Fujifilm Instant Film Camera and there is sure to be plenty of fun ahead. They can pull out a few mugs, board games, photo props and plenty of laughter for a fun night entertaining friends. After all, it is their favorite activity… and they do it well!

Today’s engaged couples are savvy enough to know that experiences are more valuable than things, and they want their wedding registry to reflect that. Therefore, they want products that will help them build their lives together, by enabling everyday as well as special experiences. It’s not about registering for products; it’s about registering for the experience. And in our daughter’s case, it’s about living that experience with their family and friends.

Group Gifting

Learn more about the Best Buy Wedding Registry and tell your family and friends too! I mean, Group Gifting is a great way for couples to ask for what they really want, without asking their guests to spend more than they are comfortable with. Plus, guests can split the cost and know they are getting the bride and groom something they will use for years to come. So dream big, Couples!