Bowflex Max Trainer 8 and yoga
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We all know the old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” right? But, social media in today’s world seems to bring a lot of judgement based on photographs. Sort of the same thing in my opinion.

“Nothing will happen unless you take the initiative to do it.” – Akhil Nigam

Realize Goals

For someone like me, who has always struggled with self-confidence, it can be hard to break through the judgement to find the courage to post pictures of myself.

Especially when I’m not well health-wise and my self-esteem has been depleted. Yet, my job requires me to post on social media in order to thrive in this small business of mine.

Therefore, what you see when you scroll my Instagram feed is a lot of my kids and my granddaughter. Why?

our three girls and a baby

Because, in my eyes, they are the very best of me.

And, it’s because of them that I’m working hard to get back to a happier, healthier version of me.

That’s why this partnership with Bowflex has been a dream come true! Not only are Colby and I both on the road to better health, but it’s been a fun way for us to connect with the girls.

Bowflex Max Trainer 8 at home

As I climb onto the Bowflex® Max Trainer® M8 for a quick 14 minute workout, the girls turn the lights down, put on some ambient music, and do yoga in the floor behind me.

It allows us all to be together, get in touch with our mind and body, and work as a family in our wellness journey. I can honestly tell you with two teenage girls and one preteen girl, we need all the intentional help we can muster!

Bowflex Max Trainer 8 and yoga

The best part is, in addition to working out at home with my kids, is how little time it actually requires. Even though blog work in slower than usual, other areas of our life have kept us busier.

Therefore, being able to work out when it’s convenient for me, in the comfort of my own home, AND see results is amazing.

Bowflex Max Trainer M8

Just look at all the features of the Bowflex Max Trainer M8 that help you see results while working out at home:

  • Compatible with Max Intelligence™ App
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Unique burn rate display
  • Multi-grip, dynamic handles
  • Heart rate monitor (integrated contact grips)
  • Bluetooth® heart rate compatible
  • Magnetic media rack for tablet or smartphone
  • USB charging port
  • Enhanced dual-mode LCD/LED screens

It’s only been a couple of months, but Colby and I have already lost about 30 pounds collectively. Of course, he always loses faster than I do.

25 years together

More importantly, I feel better. Healthier. My anemia seems to have improved and the constant pain I was having in my hip has dissipated.

Mostly though, I can find joy in the little things once more and am simply loving the life I’m living.

Plus, you can even see an occasional picture of me on Instagram (this one is my favorite), and a quick scroll shows you that wasn’t happening before the Bowflex arrived!

What is your goal of working out?

Whether it’s getting back to better health, staying tone, or recovery, take a look at the Bowflex Max Trainer M8. It’s a solid option no matter what your goal is!