Disneyland California Survival Secrets For Families

Disneyland California Survival Secrets For Families

Disneyland is a place that is designed to be fun, right? Then why can it be so stressful and such hard work for so many people?

Disneyland California Survival Secrets For Families

Disneyland California

Well, of course it’s because navigating a theme park, even one designed for kids, can be challenging when visiting as a family, especially if the sun’s beating down.

Luckily, there are some smart secrets you can use to make your family’s experience go a little bit more smoothly.

Read on to find out what they are. 

Secret one: Reduce the cost of your trip 

The number one stressor for most families traveling to Disney or any other theme park or attraction is the cost.

In fact, if you have scrimped and saved for a ticket, any annoyance during the day or minor meltdown from the kids can seem as if it ruined an expensive trip. 

Happily, there are some ways of saving on the cost. For example, find a provider that offers discounts on park entry.

Of course, nobody has better ticket prices than Park Savers , so checking out their online offers are a must before you buy. That is, if you want to save a decent amount on the price you will pay at the gate. 

If you want to take it to the next level, there’s a guide to saving on a Disney vacation from CouponChief that should help in whittling down the costs of your trip.

Additionally, don’t forget that if you want to stay overnight, you don’t have to pay the high prices that hotels in the park charge. In fact, you will find many hotels within walking distance, that don’t cost as much, that are set up for families. 

Secret two: Make standing in line easier 

Next, when it comes to Disney, everyone expects to stand in line. For entry, for rides, for food and even to meet characters like Mickey himself.

Of course, kids can get a bit cranky if they are left to stand in line all day, especially when it’s hot. 

Happily, standing in line needn’t be an ordeal. In fact, Disneyland has some smart ways to reduce your time spent in line.

One is to invest in a FastPass, which you can now access directly through your smartphone and it assigns you a ride time, so you don’t have to spend hours waiting in a line. 

Then, there is the mobile order service for food. This allows you to order meals, drinks or snacks from anywhere in the park and then alert the restaurant when you arrive.

This means you can sit down at a table with friends and take a rest until your dish is ready. No standing in more lines needed! 

Secrete three: Use Disneyland’s family-friendly options 

Finally, when it comes to surviving Disneyland with the whole family, don’t forget that it is a place set up to cater to kids of all ages.

For instance, you can easily pop into a BabyCenter if you need to change or feed a little one or run out of supplies.

Additionally, Disneyland offers a rider switch service for parents that want to experience some of the bigger thrills their kids aren’t old enough for.

Basically, one parent stands in line and takes their turn while the other looks after the child. Then, when they return, the other parent gets to go to the head of the line. This helps the whole family enjoy the park, not just the kids.