Dolphin Lagoon at SeaWorld San Antonio

We Marked SeaWorld off MaMaw’s Bucket List

This weekend we did it. We got through Mom’s first heavenversary.

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Saturday at 12:52pm, we all took a big breath as we remembered our mom’s last.

It was also at that precise moment that we were walking towards Dolphin Lagoon at SeaWorld San Antonio .

Dolphins were always one of Mom’s favorite animals to watch. Therefore, it seemed fitting that we spent that precise time with the dolphins.

MaMaws Bucket List - SeaWorld

MaMaw’s Bucket List

Mom would have loved to see them jumping through the air and learning more about them from their trainers.

She always had us looking for them when we went to the gulf and would get so excited when we saw one in the water.

They’re such incredible creatures and have always been one of my favorites too.

Plus, it was while watching the dolphins play that someone finally asked who “MaMaw” was.

Dolphin Lagoon at SeaWorld San Antonio

We had noticed people staring at our group’s matching shirts, but no one had said anything.

By the looks of it, several groups wear matching shirts, so I’m sure it was no big deal.

The caring trainer at Dolphin Lagoon was intrigued though; so she asked. Cheyenne explained to her the significance of who “MaMaw” was and why we were at SeaWorld that day.

She told her about MaMaw’s Bucket List and how visiting SeaWorld was the #1 item on the list.

Mom's Bucket List

And then she told her about how mom passed away last year on that same day, at almost the exact time she asked.

It was now 12:59pm, 7 minutes past the official time of death.

Because we were all there together, and because of the sweet way the trainer asked about Mom and seemed genuinely caring, we were able to push through those memories.

We watched the dolphins play and remembered better times with Mom.

underwater dolphin viewing at SeaWorld San Antonio

We were mesmerized as the dolphins swam and we watched from the underwater viewing area.

Oh, how Mom would have loved to see that!

Honestly though, minus the amount of steps we put in that day,

I’m sure Mom would have had a fabulous time. Her knees and ankles probably would not have liked the walking, but her eyes and heart would have enjoyed the sights.

In fact, I’m absolutely sure she would have laughed for a day at my sister’s reaction to the Steel Eel Roller Coaster.

cousins at SeaWorld

Somehow I was stuck beside her on the ride, but it worked out well. I was the only one who didn’t have to break their neck trying to watch her.

There was such a ridiculous amount of screaming and dramatics coming from the seat beside me, that I was laughing so much I was crying when I exited the ride.

I have no doubt Mom would have laughed and laughed over Steph’s reaction.

Although, I do have to tip my hat to my sister for riding. I got her to ride by telling her to “do it for Mom.”

So she did. I was proud of her and glad she did because we all enjoyed the entertainment it brought.

making new memories at SeaWorld

I couldn’t have thought of a better place to spend that incredibly tough first anniversary than SeaWorld. It was all about Mom and we did our best to glorify her memory while we were there.

The rides, shows, and all-around family fun was just what we needed to keep us focused on what we have, yet gently remind us of what we lost.

A big thanks to SeaWorld for helping us mark a big item off MaMaw’s Bucket List this first year.