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Chris Evans Talks Inspiration – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Imagine for a second that you are a mighty superhero. Are you there? Do you have an idea in your mind how you would handle that? What you would wear? What type of superhero would you be? Now, imagine you are Chris Evans. (I know… hard to imagine). He is CAPTAIN AMERICA, People! This guy is saving the world and looking great doing it! Getting a chance to sit down and talk to him was crazy amazing. And I have to admit, when he walked up behind me to get to the table, I almost didn’t recognize him with a beard.

Chris Evans Captain America
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Chris Evans, Captain America

Personally, I hope I could live up to the amazingness that IS Captain America. Even though Chris Evans has played him since 2011, he still finds himself different than “Steve Rogers“. After all, Captain America is the model citizen. A really good guy. Not that Chris isn’t those things, but Captain America’s good guy status brings things to a new high sometimes. But, just as Steve Rogers continues to improve on his characteristics, Chris finds himself doing the same. Working daily to evolve on who he is as a person.

captain america Chris

I thought it was interesting that he found his inspiration for personifying Captain America in an old friend he grew up with, Charlie Morris. Charlie was the best idea of how he wanted to portray the infamous superhero. As an Eagle Scout and legitimately good man, Chris said that Charlie genuinely puts himself last and lives by a code. “When nobody’s looking, he’s the man that he wants to be, and that’s impressive.” Admirable for sure… and great characteristics for a superhero and role model (or anyone really) to have.

If you’ve got to go to set every day and try and tweak your brain into a certain state of mind, that’s a pretty good place to be. – Chris Evans

In fact, the first time Chris Evans saw himself in the Captain America uniform, he had simultaneous joy and deep fear. Over time it has become both familiar and comfortable for him. Although Chris wasn’t sure that taking the role was the right thing to do years ago, he now knows he would have been a fool not to.

captain america movie poster

Growing the Captain America character has also brought about changes in his fighting style. After noticing there is a fluidity and very acrobatic element to the Captain America video game character, it was agreed upon that this should carry over to the big screen. Therefore, he got into gymnastics to get a better understanding of having his body in the air. The flipping and spinning helped him to better discern the dynamics and created a more fluid fighting style on the screen.

captain america fight scene

As you watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier you will see how easily he moves across the screen and flows into each punch, kick, roll and tuck. From the opening scene through to the last big hurrah, Captain America has it going on. Chris Evans was able to put all of his gymnastics training and hard work into the scene and then see it come to fruition. A great accomplishment for any one, especially when you’re this type of superhero.

captain america shield

Oh, and that shield of his in the movie? There were 4 or 5 used during filming. Each one was made from a different component and used for various scenes. A fiberglass shield for hitting someone, foam shield for throwing, and a heavy duty one for show. But, he did get one to take home after production ended. It now sits in his home and comes out when friends come over. What a fun piece of his movie career to hold onto!

Are you ready to see Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

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