Summer Skin Care Tips for Kids

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Taking care of your child’s skin in the summertime may require a bit of effort. Some children love playing outside as much as possible in the summer and they should be protected from the sun. By protecting them from sunburn, you can further help ensure that the summer is long and fun.

Summer Skin Care Tips

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Summer Skin Care Tips

  1. Always apply sunscreen — Find a child-friendly sunscreen and use it. Re-apply often and use as directed. In most cases, you will need to apply more sunscreen every couple of hours if they are playing outside for a long time. Applying just once and then letting the child play all day is not enough. Pay special attention to the SPF factor and re-apply accordingly.
  2. Cover their skin — In addition to sunscreen, ensure that you cover as much of your child’s skin as possible (based on temperature, etc.) with sunscreen-quality clothing. This helps to avoid exposing more skin to the sun’s rays.
  3. Use sunscreen to protect scalp — Find sunscreenthey do make some especially for the hair — and apply to the scalp to protect it from getting dried out and burnt. The hair offers some protection to the summer sun but many children end up with a sunburned scalp, typically where a part may be.
  4. Encourage wearing of hats — Give your children hats they can choose to wear outside during the summer. It will give them some shade, as well as protect their eyes and scalp from being burned. Let them choose the hat to give them more of a choice and perhaps get more excited about the idea.
  5. Stay inside — Take a break and go inside during the afternoon hours when the sun is hottest and most likely to cause damage. This could be a great time for lunch and, for those lucky ones, a nap. This tips holds true for kids and parents alike.
  6. Cool down baths — Instead of giving a hot bath after a long day in the sunshine, run a cooler bath to help avoid more skin damage. Not to mention, it will feel great and help them feel refreshed before bedtime.
  7. Drink plenty of water — Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your child’s skin and body. Give them plenty of hydrating water to drink all throughout the day. If they are thirsty, they are already showing signs of dehydration.
  8. Eat fruit — Fruit is actually hydrating and is a perfect (and healthy) snack to eat a lot of during the dog days of summer. For the very best results, try watermelon or other types of juicy melons.

Children may not completely understand the importance of proper skin care when it comes to the sun, but we can teach them. As the parent, we can guide them from the beginning so that their skin is always cared for and remains undamaged for years to come. Teaching your children these things now will pay off far into the future.

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